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NATO is Nuclear Apartheid

Asovstall versus Whitehall

On the one hand you have a group of perhaps 2,000 men, dying without healthcare, bombed into the stone age, starved to emaciation, branded by the Russians and some mainstream and even some alternative media as Nazis, who refuse to leave the office, and continue to defend their country and their city 24/7, to their dying breath.. On the other hand you have the Whitehall civil servants, perhaps 474,020 of them, who deny their country healthcare by failing to provide PPE other than through a select group of large corporations which typically in these situations pay covert bribes to powerful public sector people in order to become their preferred suppliers. Indeed that is generally the reason why they are preferred so much. But these civil servants refuse even to turn up at the office. 

Which one of these two groups would you say is doing the greater service for the British people?

If I personally had the power to liberate them I would do it. Notwithstanding the fact that I had at least one of my relatives killed in a Nazi concentration camp by real Nazis. But sadly all I have to support them with are my words. 

But words are the one thing that opponents of the present Russian regime are denied. So It is my great pleasure to use my freedom of speech in this publication on behalf of every silenced Russian Journalist and true Russian Patriot and true Ukrainian patriot just as I have done on behalf of those denied a voice over gene poisoning vaccines and US election fraud and the perversion of children for the sexual gratification of immoral adults. So many groups in this world are denied a voice. Regrettably I do not have the billions or the credibility to rescue Twitter from the globalists and may God bless the one who has. But The Expose gives me the richness of self expression which is what the Asovstallers are fighting for and what we in the West all too often take for granted.

The civil servants, famously described by Sir Winston as no longer being civil and no longer being servants, are serving themselves first, whether it be in providing healthcare for the sick and the dying in this country or in providing Visa's for those fleeing death and destruction in Ukraine  Whereas the Asovstallers are serving their families, their country, Poland, Romania, the Baltic states, the EU, the Scandinavians, the Americans and the British & Irish both of whom have been threatened with a swift despatch into Davy Jones' radioactive locker by a Russian supercavitating nuclear propelled torpedo with a large nuclear warhead. 

They serve us by delaying, thwarting and stalling the Russian offensive in Ukraine, which buys us time to better prepare our defences against charming Russian threats to annihilate all of us by various machiavellian technologies they have devised in their spare time for that very purpose.

To me, the defining characteristics of Nazis were and are

1. Blitzkrieg land grabs
2. Forced relocations and Concentration camps for those who oppose them politically or militarily or philosophically or religiously, in fact in an way whatsoever
3. Civilian reprisals for those who inflict military damage to their war machine
4. Total control of state information
5. The invention of new types of intercontinental missiles (V1, V2 etc.)
6. The desire to become the new World Super Power.
7. The belief that they are the master race and incessant threats to all races inferior to them - which is all other races.

Translating that into Russian using Rouble Translate we get...

1. Blitzkrieg land grabs in Georgia and Ukraine
2. Forced relocations, filtration and labour camps for those who oppose them politically or militarily or philosophically or religiously, in fact in an way whatsoever
3. Kiev was bombed in civilian reprisal for sinking the Moskva.
4. Total control of state information
5. The invention of new types of intercontinental missiles (Hypersonic nuclear missiles and Supercavitating nuclear torpedos)
6. The Special Military Operation in Ukraine is designed to End US dominance in the words of Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister. So NOT merely to demilitarize Ukraine.
7. Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian space agency, has warned that Russia could destroy NATO in 30 minutes with nuclear weapons in his Telegram channel.

So how does one behave like a Hypersonic Hitler or a Supersonic Stalin and get away with it in the 21st century?

Accusatory Hypocrisy

One uses the tried a tested method of proactive hypocrisy, pre-emptive accusation, accusatory hypocrisy. One accuses one's enemy of being or doing what one is about to be or to do oneself. Because as Sir Winston said: A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets the chance to put its pants on. So if you want to get away with a Nazi Blitzkrieg without being called a Nazi, then you must first accuse your intended victims of being Nazis  Or better still you frame your entire war effort as an attack on Naziism. Then you can carry out your Nazi imperialism with impunity. .

The democrats in the US do this with 'Our democracy', which is of course their dictatorship. They attack democracy by rigging elections in every way imaginable, from media control to election law control to vote counting control to ballot harvesting with 2000 mules, to persecuting prosecuting and harassing opposing political campaigners candidates and presidents etc. But they do it under the cover narrative that they are defending democracy - which cover is designed to wrong foot their opponents..

Likewise Putin conducts a Nazi Blitzkrieg against Ukraine under the cover narrative that he is liberating Ukraine from a Nazi sympathising regime. It is the same technique from the same demonic playbook.

Bill Gates and Tony Fauci are masters at accusatory hypocrisy. They pose as saviours from a pandemic that they themselves funded. They force us to receive therapies that they funded or created, which are actually more lethal than the pandemic itself. The real disease here is the desire for power of the bad actors behind the pandemic and the vaccines. The pandemic and the vaccines are merely devices to provide them with the power they crave.

No man has a greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friends, is the motto of my Oxford college and were Jesus' words at John 15:13.

Well the Asovstallers went one better than that. They laid down and are still laying down their lives, not merely for their friends, but actually for people who call them Nazis.

Nazis who have a greater love for people in this country than any Whitehall Mandarin can presently demonstrate from his armchair at home.

I would encourage the government to rescue these steel hearted lovers of freedom and give them all jobs in Whitehall.

The Silence of Snowden on Ukraine

Snowden Feb18: This possibility is frankly so terrible to me it is difficult to even contemplate. I still remember red scars on the streets of Sarajevo, the "Sarajevska ruža" remembering those killed by mortar fire.

Kyiv is bigger than Sarajevo. Than Grozny. Than Fallujah. 

Just unthinkable.

Snowden Feb 27: I'm not suspended from the ceiling above a barrel of acid by a rope that burns a little faster every time I tweet, you concern-trolling ghouls. I've just lost any confidence I had that sharing my thinking on this particular topic continues to be useful, because I called it wrong.

Since Feb27, Snowden has made no further tweets about Ukraine.

We must not Isolate Putin

For fear of stating the obvious - The longer the war in Ukraine carries on, the greater the chance is of it escalating into WW3. Whilst we must support the right of any country to defend itself against being colonized by a larger federation of nations, especially since Britain used to be such an aggressor itself. And especially since the UK the US and Ironically Russia too are bound by the 1994December5 Budapest Memorandum to defend Ukraine in return for their agreeing to give up their nuclear weapons (they used to be the 3rd largest nuclear power in the world), the first two paragraphs of which agreement state.

1. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.

2. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defence or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

We are now in a situation where Russia has broken their 1994 commitments completely. Whereas the US and UK are keeping their commitments under the memo. But we must all remember that the purpose of the 1994 memorandum was to avoid a nuclear war involving Ukrainian nukes. It was not to risk a nuclear war over Ukraine!

So rather than sanctioning Russian oligarchs and Russian sports personalities and in particular Russian sports oligarchs whilst they are trying to broker peace deals, we should be building bridges to Putin through these people. Because the 1994 memo also pledges that all sides would keep in close communication. In the nuclear age this is critically important. We cannot afford to have bad relations with Putin however far apart we may be.

What is needed here is a Trump like character to have a man to man with Putin, and treat him with the respect he deserves for doing a really good job on the Russian economy. and for returning Russia to Super power status. To be frank, he needs recognition. He needs an Oscar from the Academy of Western Nations and what we gave him was a slap in the face.

Putin said that the only reason the US had any interest in relations with Moscow was that Russia was the only country that could destroy America in half an hour or less. Those are the words of a man with absurdly low self esteem. There are many, many reasons to have good relations with Russia. They are fantastically competent technologically and very very creative and super logical people. They are brilliant strategists. The worst thing we can do is to demonize them.

If we exclude him, he will only become more resentful. And wars, for all the meaningless justifications that are adduced on their behalf (breathing space, buffer zone etc.) are really about pride, ambition, greed, fear and all the other human emotions in the leaders of the warring parties. They are no different and no less destructive than an argument with ones better half. Such arguments are about emotion, about feeling valued or appreciated or wanted, or loved, or important. I know because I have lost many of those arguments by mistakenly believing they were about the subject matter of the argument.

Vladimir Putin is a resourceful human being as can be seen from his gymnastic lover. We need to be equally resourceful and equally gymnastic in our efforts to include him, nay even to woo him. Because there is no alternative. And he knows there is no alternative.

But we have done the exact opposite with him and he has reacted badly to our excluding him and treating him like the poor relative at the big boys power game. In that sense his Nazi behaviour is partly our fault. We cannot ask him to modify his behaviour if we are not prepared to modify our own behaviour. There is a real sense in which the worse he does in Ukraine, the less stable the world becomes.

Putin seeks acceptance. We denied him entry into the club. So he gate crashed the club. If we now succeed in throwing him out of the part of the club which he gate crashed, he may react by destroying the entire club. That is actually what the globalists want. So that they can build back better afterwards. But it is not what any human being with a heart or a conscience wants - including Putin.

So I would recommend the following deal: Release the Asovstallers and permit grain shipments from Odessa for the 3rd world, and in return we lift sanctions on all Russian sports people and oligarchs. We sanction the administration but not any old high profile Russian person. We build a bridge with our humanity. We make an offer of friendship. We start to include him. We offer him the opportunity to do something heroic for the 3rd world. We treat him with dignity that his power and might deserve. This is a difficult and testing situation. But the solution is more emotional than it is strategic or tactical I believe.

Nuclear Apartheid

Even now, offering Russia to join NATO if they leave Ukraine would be a good idea in my humble opinion. Because NATO cannot afford to be enemies with Russia and neither can Russia afford to be enemies with NATO. Finland and Sweden are thinking of joining NATO and this has been billed as a great victory against Putin. I think it is a great disaster for world security. The club bouncer having rejected Putin is now admitting two women (seen that a few times before). How does that help calm things down?

How about this scenario: Let's invite every single country in the whole world to join NATO except Russia shall we? Because that now appears to be NATO's purpose. It has morphed into a club designed to exclude antagonise and alienate a nuclear super power. How does that make the world a safer place? 

So here is my final suggestion. NATO cannot save Ukraine. But destroying NATO just might save it and the West along with it. I am not surprised that Putin wants Ukraine to be excluded from NATO like he is. Somebody has to keep the guy company as he hangs around outside the club!

I do not like gangs and to misquote Groucho Marx: I do not want to be a member of a club which would not have Russia as a member,.

Here in the West politicians bend over backwards to be inclusive to every group of people who might feel excluded. Every group, that is, except Russians, who are today excluded not only from NATO but from everything else the West has to offer. Yes, our response to their launching a war because they are excluded from NATO, has been to exclude them from everything else we have to offer as well.

The reason the West legislates inclusivity is to prevent the alienation of parts of society from the mainstream. Because such alienation can be damaging to society. Why then can we not apply the same principle to our nuclear neighbour Russia? NATO has become an excluding anachronism which should have been knocked down with the Berlin wall. This exclusion has in my opinion lead us to the war in Ukraine. If we are not careful it will lead us further into WW3 which will be between NATO and Russia,

So here is my suggestion for avoiding a war between NATO and Russia. Abolish NATO, Then there will be no WW3.. NATO is nuclear apartheid. Which is obviously far more dangerous and reckless than racial apartheid

Blacks today have the same rights to economic and social prosperity as whites. Should Russians not have the same rights to nuclear security as Westerners?

It is that insecurity which has lead to the Kinzhal Hypersonic nuclear missile and the Poseidon nuclear torpedo. These are not the creations of a nation which feels secure!

Really we have two choices here: Invite Russia to join NATO or abolish that Apartheid Anachronism if no invite is possible.

We should trust each individual NATO member to do the right thing for global and national security as they see it, without tying their hands in a centralised agreement. Because events are beginning to prove that...

The greatest threat to transatlantic security is NATO
The greatest threat to European prosperity is the EU
The greatest threat to world health is the WHO

And the greatest threat to mankind is the centralisation of power and the globalists who are trying to engineer that centralisation.