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The Lords Witnesses Guide to Vaccination Genetics

How the vaccinated become GMO humans

Everything you ever wanted to know about the genetics of vaccination, but were afraid to ask for fear of being cancelled by facebook, youtube, twitter, paypal, instagram, spotify and umpteeen misled celebrities, musicians and venue hosts who think that genes are made by Levi Straus.

Our story begins in 1869 when the young Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher was looking for the building blocks of life in white blood cells (Leucocytes). It was thought at the time that our inherited characteristics were stored in proteins. But Miescher discovered a strange and enigmatic molecule which was definitely not a protein in our white blood cells. It resided in their nuclei. Hence he called it Nuclein. He first published his discovery in 1871 and theorised that this Nuclein could carry the hereditary information of mankind in some kind of alphabet. He had in fact stumbled across DNA. But he was not able to prove its role in the human body during his life. For that proof, mankind had to wait for the arrival of Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty, who in 1944 proved that DNA was the biochemical in our bodies that determined our inherited characteristics, not proteins as had been thought in the previous scientific orthodoxy.

This precipitated a race to determine the chemical structure of DNA. A race which was won by Francis Crick and James Watson. 

On April 25th 1953, 4 years before I was born, Crick and Watson of Cambridge University, published their famous discovery of the base pairing internal structure on the Double Helix backbone of DNA which had previously been X ray photographed by Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin of Kings College London. They relied on the Chargaff rule that in DNA the amount of Guanine was equal to the amount of Cytosine and the amount of Thymine was equal to the amount of Adenine. From this they deduced that the Guanine paired with the Cytosine and the Thymine paired with the Adenine and both pairings were joined by bonds between the Hydrogen atoms in the bases (bases because they are alkali rather than acid, not bases because they have something built upon them or are full of military personnel). DNA is a beautiful structure which houses the genetic information necessary to build an entire human being in 3 Giga Bases, 3 billion base pairs. Its brilliance is that all the information is stored twice, in each complementary strand. So by breaking the bond between the Hydrogen atoms of the base pairs and unzipping itself, it can then act as a template to produce a single stranded DNA type polymer, which is called RNA. So DNA is self replicating and dually redundant. Since there are 4 possible bases, life has a 4 bit code. So the entire genome of mankind is 12 Gigabits or 1.5 GigaBytes in size. It is therefore more than 12x smaller than the 20GB Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and yet has enough information within it to build an entire human starting only from one cell and to keep that human going for 100 years without needing to reboot him once! 

The double Helix backbone is made out of Phosphate groups (the yellow PO4 groups above) and Ribose sugars (the blue Pentagons above)

All DNA and RNA and fake RNA (modified RNA, pseudo RNA) is made entirely from these 5 atoms: C, O, H, N, P.

C is Carbon
O is Oxygen
H is Hydrogen
N is Nitrogen
P is Phosphorus

The 4 bases of DNA (Adenine Guanine Cytosine and Thymine) when attached to a Deoxyribose sugar are called nucleosides. Then when attached further to a Phosphate group they are called nucleotides. A Deoxy Ribose sugar is a Ribose sugar where a Hydroxy (OH) group has been replaced by a Hydrogen (H) atom. So one Oxygen atom has been lost - hence Deoxy. 

Nucleic Acid Base (Nucleobase) Nucleoside (Base + Ribose) Nucleotide (Base + Ribose + Phosphate)
RNA Adenine (A) Adenosine Adenosine-5'-monophosphate or adenylate (AMP)
Cytosine (C) Cytidine Cytidine-5'-monophosphate or cytidylate (CMP)

Guanine (G)

Guanosine Guanosine-5'-monophosphate or guanylate (GMP)
Uracil (U) Uridine Uridine-5'-monophosphate or uridylate (UMP)
Fake RNA Uracil Pseudouridine (Ψ) Pseudouridine-5'-monophosphate or pseudo uridylate (ΨMP)
Uracil N1 Methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) N1 Methylpseudouridine-5'-monophosphate or N1 Methylpseudouridylate (m1ΨMP)
Nucleic Acid Base (Nucleobase) Nucleoside (Base + Deoxyribose) Nucleotide (Base + Deoxyrbiose + Phosphate) 
DNA Adenine (A)


Deoxyadenosine-5'-monophosphate or deoxyadenylate (dAMP)

Cytosine (C) Deoxycytidine Deoxycytidine-5'-monophosphate or deoxycytidylate (dCMP)
Guanine (G) Deoxyguanosine Deoxyguanosine-5'-monophosphate or deoxyguanylate (dGMP)
Thymine (T) Deoxythymidine

Deoxythymidine-5'-monophosphate or thymidylate (dTMP)

The 5 bases A, G, C, T, U are called Canonical, rather like the books of the bible which are accepted as being true inspired scripture are called Canonical. Whereas Pseudouridine (Ψ) and N1 Methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) are non canonical. They are  Pseudepigrapha in scriptural terms or Genetically modified in secular terms.

So DNA is a polymer chain of deoxyribose nucleotides and RNA is a chain of ribose nucleotides. .From a chemist's standpoint, whereas the bases are alkaline, the phosphate groups are acidic, being derived from Phosphoric acid (OH-)3P=O, by replacing 2 hydroxy groups with Ribose sugars. The bases, when paired, lose much of their alkalinity hence the finished nucleotide polymer is acidic, DeoxyriboNucleic Acid or RiboNucleic Acid.

5', pronounced 5 prime, is the 5th Carbon atom in the ribose sugar counting clockwise from the 1st or prime Carbon atom which is bonded to the base.

With that brief introduction we are now in a position to study some of the literature on MODIFIED mRNA vaccines and make a better informed decision as to whether they should be taken. mRNA is an abbreviation not for Modified RNA but for Messenger RNA. So these vaccines are not mRNA vaccines as advertised. They are Modified mRNA vaccines, genetically modified mRNA vaccines, GMO vaccines. We must remember that Moderna stands for MODifiEd RNA.

How Cellular Genetics Works

The HQ of a cell is the cell nucleus. The product catalogue of the cell is the DNA which resides only in the cell nucleus. The protein manufacturing facilities in the cell are called Ribosomes. These churn out the proteins of which you and your cells are made. The instructions for those proteins, their amino acid sequences, and how they should fold themselves in 3D space are contained in your DNA. in your cell nucleus. The nucleus uses RNA to copy parts of your DNA and send that copy to the ribosomes. So mRNA, messenger RNA, is essentially an email from your HQ to your production facility foreman. Having read the email, the ribosomes then make the specified protein and the mRNA is destroyed by your cell (the email is deleted), 


Here is a more detailed view of the translation from mRNA to protein that occurs in the ribosome after the transcription from DNA to mRNA that occurs in the nucleus.

Each group of 3 bases codes for one amino acid which is transported to the ribosome by tRNA, transfer RNA. The hamburger shaped ribosome is essentially an amino acid polymerisation unit which reads its sequencing instructions from the mRNA. That is how incredibly intricate and delicate and precise the biological processes of life are.

Canonical RNA, containing Uracil as the 4th base, is degraded by the cell 2 minutes after production. This is the equivalent of the ribosome foreman recycling the email after having read it.

We all know that RNA is short-lived having an average lifespan of only two minutes. And, that DNA has a life-span of about 6.8 million years, after which all the bonds would be broken. Thus, uracil being unstable is appropriate for RNA, because stability doesn’t matter for RNA as it is very short-lived. Whereas Thymine is very appropriate for DNA where maintaining the genetic sequence with very high stability is necessary - 

Nature/God wastes nothing and recycles everything. What we do not want is discarded emails building up in the cell and turning it into an RNA rubbish tip. Also if the mRNA is not degraded then the cell ribosomes will continue to make the same protein from it and the cell will not be able to produce the other proteins it needs. This is why natural unmodified mRNA is degraded within 2 minutes of its production. 

Here is the chemical structure of the Pfizer vaccine modified RNA -  The sooner you can see the whole picture the better.

The blue area are the bases coding for the protein spike lifted from the Wuhan HU1 (alpha) protein spike and prescribed by the WHO. The first two green bases GA are the 5' starting cap of the RNA chain and the last 110 Adenines with a GACU insert after 30 of them in pink are the poly(A) 3' ending cap  The large number of As extends the life of the mRNA and enables it to make more spike proteins, since the Adenines tend to drop off with increased use.

The caps are followed by UTRs (untranslated regions). These Untranslated regions are parts of the RNA message which do not get translated into proteins but contain other instructions for the Ribosomes (the protein factories in your cells). Pfizer uses the human UTR of the alpha globin gene (which is known to work well for protein production) before the front cap, the 5' cap. It uses a less well understood and longer human UTR (in white) before the end cap, the 3' cap,. But whose genetic code are we getting in that UTR?

Each triplet (Codon) of bases codes for one amino acid on the final protein. The Wuhan Hu1 (alpha) spike protein has 1273 amino acids, which requires 1273 codons or 3819 bases. 

To Modify or not to Modify?

Here is the synthetic pathway for replacing Uracil with N1 Methylpseudouridine in the Vaccine mRNA...

Pseudouridylase and Nep1 are enzymes which facilitate their respective conversions from natural Uridine to fake Uridine. 

Curevac N.V of Tubingen Germany decided to make a vaccine out of natural unmodified mRNA. Whereas Pfizer and Moderna changed all of the Uracil (U)s in the genetic code of their spike protein vaccine to be N1 Methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ)s. Both vaccine types used the same lipid nanoparticle delivery system (Acuitas ALC-0315). The main difference between them was the decision to genetically modify the RNA or not.

On 16 June 2021,[5] CureVac said its vaccine showed 47% efficacy from its Phase IIb/III trial. Later, the final result data showed an efficacy of 48% against symptomatic disease in all age groups and, for people aged 18 to 60 years, an efficacy of 53% against symptomatic disease, 77% against moderate and severe disease and 100% against hospitalization and death, as no cases were detected in the study]. This was based on interim analysis of 134 COVID cases in its Phase III study conducted in Europe and Latin America. Regrettably Curevac did not have enough cases to determine in a statistically significant manner the vaccine effectiveness for the over 60s against hospitalisation and death. But here is what they did determine

100% efficacy against hospitalisation and death for those between 18-60 (but only 48% against infection)

Whereas  Pfizer demonstrated 95% efficacy against infection and 99.9% against death (Pfizer lost 15 out of 22,000) - 

We absolutely know that Pfizer did not offer 100% efficacy against either hospitalisation or death for 18-60 year olds from the real world results of their vaccinations. I strongly suspect that the true Pfizer results were initially better but ended up being worse than the CureVac results 6 months after vaccination (and we all hope to live for at least 6 months after vaccination).

In the event Curevac gave up because Pfizer's clinical trial results were on the face of it a lot better at preventing infection. We have subsequently discovered that viral loads in the vaccinated from July 2021 onward were as high or higher than in the unvaccinated. So actually Pfizer is not very good at preventing infection. Furthermore the efficacy of Pfizer vaccine reduces over time due to immune system destruction, which would not have been so pronounced with the natural RNA vaccines due to their lower dosage (12 ug for CureVac, 30ug for Pfizer, 100ug for Moderna) and due to the very rapid cellular degradation of the natural mRNA of Curevac. So there would not have been this incessant spike protein production that we are seeing with the Genetically Modified fake RNA vaccines.

What is totally fascinating to the writer is that 12 ug of a natural vaccine RNA which disappears in 2 minutes (natural CureVac mRNA) is half as efficient as 30ug or 100ug of the genetically modified fake RNA which persists as we shall discover for at least 6 months. This confirms for me something that I have always suspected (it being predicted in scripture at Genesis 3:15) that the vaccine doses and the longevity of their spike protein productions have nothing whatsoever to do with protection against covid and everything to do with permanent genome appropriation. 

The Modified mRNA is invisible to the cellular defences. Your immune system does not see m1Ψ RNA as genetic material. So it does not recycle it. It does not degrade it. Also the modified RNA is more resistant to being degraded if by some miracle your cell does detect it as foreign or just due to time and temperature. Furthermore it hypes up protein production to make as many spikes as possible. This does give a short term advantage to the immune system. But it is treating the immune system like a moron. Once it has seen the spike protein for a few days and determined it to be a dangerous pathogen, it does not need to see more and more spike proteins every day.

Diminishing the activity of innate immune sensors = Evading the cells antivirus protection.
Improving the translational capacity = Making more Spikes
Increasing the protection of the RNA against nucleases = Preventing the cell from breaking the modified mRNA down, in the unlikely event that it gets recognised for what it is.

Uracil is put where thymine would ordinarily be during DNA to RNA transcription. Because uracil is short-lived and can break down into cytosine, most animals do not employ it in their DNA. However, because RNA is a short-lived molecule, uracil is the chosen nucleotide - 

We all know that RNA is short-lived having an average lifespan of only two minutes. And, that DNA has a life-span of about 6.8 million years, after which all the bonds would be broken. Thus, uracil being unstable is appropriate for RNA, because stability doesn’t matter for RNA as it is very short-lived. Whereas Thymine is very appropriate for DNA where maintaining the genetic sequence with very high stability is necessary - 

When pseudouridine is used in place of uridine in synthetic mRNA, the modified mRNA molecule arouses less response from Toll-like receptors, a part of the human immune system that would otherwise identify the mRNA as unwelcome. This makes pseudouridine useful in mRNA vaccines, including the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. This property of pseudouridine was discovered by Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman in 2005. N1-Methylpseudouridine provides even less innate immune response than Ψ, as well as improving translation capacity. Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines therefore use N1-Methylpseudouridine rather than Ψ.-  

So in short, contrary to the official narrative, Pfizer and Moderna have done everything humanly possible to ensure that their products are not vaccines which TEMPORARILY present the spike antigen to your immune system and then clear off. No, they are a permanent gene hack by immune system evading genetically modified mRNA which boosts spike production and which persists by every means known to man for as long as possible and certainly for 6 months as can be seen from the study below.

Bruce K. Patterson published an article in June 2021 presenting the evidence that the spike protein is detectable in non-classical monocytes, whose half-life is mere 7 days, for up to 15 months post Covid-19 infection in some “Long Covid” patients. But, according to Dr. Robert Malone’s tweets back in July, in the course of this study they were picking randomly six healthy “controls” out of healthy vaccinated individuals. To their astonishment, all six had S spikes in their monocytes 6 months after their vaccination, with one “control” having S spikes in 15% of monocytes! Which means that S spikes linger around or get freshly produced in the vaccinated for 6+ months, contrary to the official narrative that S spikes are cleared within 2 weeks of the jab! - 

The incalculable danger of immune system evading genetically modified fake RNA vaccines

N1 Methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) makes vaccine RNA more or less permanent lasting for at least 6 months rather than 2 minutes, which is the lifespan of natural mRNA. Then we must consider that the human body has between has 30-37 trillion cells in it (wikipedia) depending upon how they are counted. So we have 30-37 trillion copies of our own DNA. But after one Pfizer jab or one Moderna Jab we also have 14.4 trillion or 48 trillion copies respectively of fairly permanent genetically modified fake vaccine mRNA. So in the case of Moderna, we have more instruction leaflets telling us to make spike proteins than we have genetic bibles telling us to make ourselves! And that is just from one jab. This is not a small intervention to present an antigen to our immune system. It is a wholesale takeover of our cellular construction team. 

But there is a further problem which may be the biggest of them all. If the body never breaks down these genetically modified fake RNA genes then we are condemned to have heart attacks, organ failures, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers until we keel over. Which is bad enough. But if our body wins the battle and breaks down all of this invading fake RNA, it will release pseudo uracils everywhere. These will then become incorporated in all of our mRNA in our cells and that mRNA will itself start lasting for 6 months rather than disappearing after 2 minutes. This will mean that our cells will fill up with far too much of the proteins that they generally make. The very super powers of increase production and degradation aversion that Pfizer imbued their spike protein mRNA with, will be transferred to all our other mundane cellular protein production efforts, and we will kill ourselves with huge quantities of totally unnecessary protein overproduction.

This N1 Methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) which we will have in absolutely massive quantity, will mean that every time our nucleic DNA asks for a few thousand proteins from a ribosome it will be given a few billion of them and will not be able to turn off their production. This could be a nuclear genetic time bomb, actually more of a ribosomal genetic time bomb. 

Which is the better? To suffer the slings and arrows of incessant spike protein production resulting from undegraded vaccine RNA or to drown in a sea of unstoppable protein production resulting from the fake uridylate out of the degraded vaccine RNA?

A further problem is that by speeding up spike protein production and by using a fake U base, you increase the chances of translation errors and incorrectly folded proteins, which are known to cause all sorts of ghastly diseases...

However, Ψ wobbles more in base-pairing than U and can pair not only with A and G, but also, to a lesser extent, with C and U. This is likely to increase misreading of a codon by a near-cognate tRNA. When nucleotide U in stop codons was replaced by Ψ, the rate of misreading of a stop codon by a near-cognate tRNAs increased. Such readthrough events would not only decrease the number of immunogenic proteins (accurately copied spike proteins), but also produce a longer protein of unknown fate with potentially deleterious effects - .

So you will get all sorts of incorrect and too long proteins clogging up the works.

Worse still, all this semi permanent fake mRNA created from methylated Pseudouridines resulting from broken down vaccine mRNA will be undetectable to our immune system as genetic material. So we shall have no way of recognising that we even have a problem let alone fixing it. 

Finally I would simply say to all the people who have wisely decided to refrain from eating genetically modified food. If you have taken an mRNA covid vaccine you yourself may be more genetically modified than the food you refuse to eat..