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The End of War is Nigh

War is a very recent endeavour for mankind. No late stone age cave painting (Upper Paleolithic from 40,000 to 4,000 BC) depicts any human attacking any other human directly. Whereas written history books (from 4000 BC) contain little else.

"Systemic warfare appears to have been a direct consequence of the sedentism as it developed in the wake of the Neolithic Revolution" (the first agricultural revolution, our conversion from hunter gatherers to settlers and farmers) - The Neolithic period began in 4000 BC.

Adam was born around 4000 BC according to Sir Isaac Newton. He was born in 4004 BC according to Archbishop Ussher, the primate of Ireland (published in 1650 AD). And in 4027 BC if you accurately add up all the ages of the pre and post flood patriarchs to Abraham being 75 years old in 1943 BC, then 430 years in Egyptian controlled territory to 1513Nisan14, the Egyptian Passover. Then 480 years of 1Kings6:1 to 1033Iyyar2 BC in the 4th regnal year of Solomon. Then 997 BC is the last regnal year of 40 of Solomon. Then 390 years of Ezekiel4 to 607 BC, when Pharaoh Necho defeated and killed King Josiah. Then Nebuchadnezzar as King of Babylon (in his accession year) starts besieging Jerusalem in the 3rd regnal year of Jehoiakim (605 BC). Then the first regnal of Nebuchadnezzar is 604 BC which agrees with current secular history and the chronologies of Berossus and Ptolemy. 

Simply put when we stopped hunting for food we started hunting each other. And when we sat down to settle, we started stealing each others settlements and women. When we had the time and intelligence to start recording history in written form (after Adam), we regrettably also had the capability to devise ways to dominate enslave and murder our brothers in an activity we call war. The first biblical account of a war begins on the first battlefield ..

8 And Cain [spear/needle/spike] talked with Abel [breath] his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. (Genesis 4 KJV)

That field was the first battlefield for the sons of Eve. Not for the sons of Adam, because Cain was a son of Satan with Eve, whereas Abel was the son of Adam and Eve. 

12 Not as Cain, [who] was of the wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous. (1 John 3 KJV)

Nonetheless one brother (in Eve) killed the other. Just as is happening in Ukraine between brothers and just as is happening in Gaza between brothers in Abraham.

We have progressed from hand thrown spears and spikes to bows and arrows, to muskets, to rifles, to guided missiles, to guided drones and to guided smart bombs. But we have not progressed at all from the moral depravity of Cain. We are still acting as his sons, rather than sons of Abel, sons of Satan rather than sons of Adam.

The purpose of war is to achieve through lawless abuse, self aggrandisement, which cannot be achieved by lawful means. This is why the ICJ is so important. Every nation knows that the law is there to prevent citizens attacking each other when they have a dispute. But governments who insist that their citizens obey national law, are not themselves prepared to obey international law. The inevitable result of this is war. For all the nations of the world are gunslingers with no sheriff. 

We desperately need an international sheriff for governments. We do not need a global government. We need international law for national governments. A global government would be accountable to nobody. It would make the entire world into one totalitarian police state. This is what happened at Babel in the days of Nimrod, the instigator of war in the post flood world.

8 And Cush became father to Nimrod. He made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth.
9 He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: Just like Nimrod a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.
10 And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
11 Out of that land he went forth into Assyria and set himself to building Nineveh and Rehoboth-Ir and Calah (Genesis 10 NWT)

This guy was not hunting big game. He was hunting humans, conquering them and making himself a giant multi city kingdom by warfare. God's response to this was to divide the languages of the races of mankind in order to make it impossible for one race to dominate another. It was an anti warfare protection, an anti globalist protection, an anti political monopoly provision. 

That provision bought us 4200 years of national sovereignty. Various empires denied that sovereignty from the Egyptians to the Assyrians, to the Babylonians, to the Persians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, to the Eastern empires, to the British, to the Russians. But still national sovereignty remained until the EU found a way of conquering nations by lying to them and bribing their politicians, rather than declaring overt military war upon them. This technique was then adopted by the globalists and we have now reached the point where our national governments no longer act in the interest of their voters. They have all become harlots to national democracy or to any democracy actually. The UK has a prime minister who was not elected at all by anybody. And the US has a president (Obama46) who did not stand for election. But runs the country on behalf of corrupt intel agency globalists behind the facade of two intellectually compromised puppets as he declared he would love to do to Stephen Colbert

The purpose of the WHO, the G20, the UN, the EU, the WEF, the IMF, the world bank and all international political bodies, has now become to usurp national democracy by playing the international card, following the successful political model of the EU. 

But God split up our languages for a reason. And we are about to discover what that reason was. It was to prevent a worldwide political monopoly, which monopoly can be achieved through a world war or through an EU type national sovereignty corruption or through the theft of all private capital via the abolition of cash and government control of every single financial transaction. That is true slavery. 

Abolishing Slavery

It was the British who abolished the trans Atlantic slave trade by Act of Parliament in 1807 and Abolished slavery itself in British territories in 1833 by Act of Parliament. The purpose of war is to enslave people and appropriate their land their cities, their homes, and their resources. We have abolished the one purpose. The other purpose is equally repugnant and should be similarly abolished. We have done half the job. Now we must finish the job. We must abolish war, before war abolishes us.

The Technology - Morality Equilibrium 

Every technologically advancing society will eventually reach the point where it has the capability to wipe itself out. Mankind has been in that position since Reagan and Gorbachov, It is incumbent upon us all to develop and exhibit a morality which prevents self extermination. And we only get one shot at getting this thing right. It is difficult to express the importance of morality in sufficiently strong terms. But certainly it is more important than absolutely everything else we have. For without it we will have nothing, not even our own lives.

If we lose our morality, we will lose all our loved ones, and we will lose ourselves. We will cease to exist. Everything mankind has ever done will amount to nothing. We shall have betrayed all or our ancestors who fought tooth and nail to give us a chance at life. 

When I say there is no future in war I mean there is no future for mankind unless we abolish it. It is no longer the case that the French can regulate war through the Geneva convention like they regulate football through FIFA or Formula1 through FIA. One cannot regular a hypersonic multi warhead nuclear missile. One cannot regulate nuclear fallout. We do not have 2 choices here. We have one choice. Abolish war and jump (as non violently as possible) on any state that instigates it, like our lives depend upon it - because they absolutely do depend upon it. 

There is no point in building a career for yourself. There is no point in educating your children. There is no point in fighting for the rights of the afflicted. There is no point in saving the planet. There is no point in doing anything at all if we are not going to be here due to a bilateral nuclear war. And the situation is worse than that. For even if 90% or 99% of us have good enough morality to avoid nuclear war, we, the people, will not determine if such a war occurs. It will be determined by those who control the intel services who control the governments. It will be determined by the most immoral people we have. These are the people who green lit the Russia Ukraine war (Trump having red lit it denying Putin's requests on multiple occasions) and then supported Ukraine with sufficient arms to fight it but insufficient arms to win it. These are the people who support injustice in Gaza, as a means to polarise Islamic opinion against NATO to ensure that the BRICS get sufficient support from the Islamic world to make a species annihilating WW3 against NATO into a certainty. 

Our democratic governments have been usurped by inhuman thugs who have billions of dollars and not one cent of moral sense between them. Yet our future existence depends upon their morality.

These people destroy billions of dollars of infrastructure in Ukraine and Gaza with no intention or expectation of ever repaying the damage they have caused. In a just world any conquering nation would be made to repay every cent of damage that they did to the nation they attacked. That was the intent of the treaty of Versailles. But its heartless implementation became a major cause of WW2. How dare those pigs destroy the life's work of so many humans and the lives of so many more of us? They are an insult to humanity. They are the insult to humanity. They are a terminal cancer for us all. But where is the surgeon of international law who will authorise the operation to cut them out? 

The Absolute Futility of War

Imagine that two nuclear powers become engaged in a conventional war. If one starts to win the war then the other becomes more likely to go nuclear. If one side does win the conventional war, then the other side will have to go nuclear in order to hold on to power. So the worst thing a nuclear power can do is win a conventional war against another nuclear power. A conventional win pretty much guarantees a nuclear response. So the whole conflict becomes an unwinnable charade for both sides. 

The Main Stream Media and the Alternative Media

It is not easy to get to the truth behind the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza. One of the things I learned from the Trump Presidency is that one person can make a huge difference to international warfare. Trump made an effective peace with Kim Jong Un, which has now been ruined by Biden. Trump permitted no escalation in the Ukrainian conflict over and above the annexation of Crimea which was permitted by Obama44. And Trump made large advances in middle East peace through the Abraham accords. Trump is not a pacifist. But he does not want war. Everything that Trump did as regards the military security of the world and the financial security and energy security and border security of his country has been systematically undone by the Obama46 administration. Kim Jong Un is back on the warpath. And we have 2 pots boiling in Ukraine and Gaza. 

None of this is coincidence. It is all deliberate and all part of a plan to get mankind into WW3 and furthermore to get NATO to lose WW3, in order that we have to accept Chinese social credit scores. A plan that Trump stood in the way of. Of course the UK media present Trump as the enemy of all right thinking beings. Whereas in truth he is the friend even of left thinking beings. Simply because he does not try to engineer wars in order to enslave the West. The desperation that the compromised US intel community has exhibited to keep Trump out of office, as publicly demonstrated by blatantly anti democratic ballot removal suits, is the desperation that they have, to keep mankind on course for a WW3 which NATO loses. That is how they believe they can take down the US, without being seen to take down the US. 

One might think therefore that the main stream media is the most dangerous propaganda mouthpiece for the enemies of Western liberty. But one would be wrong. The MSM have little or no credibility in the eyes of alternative media readers. Their opinion pieces are known to be straight deep state globalist propaganda. The more dangerous media outlets are Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones in my opinion. because they get most things right. They are not in general deep state propaganda merchants. This gives them the credibility they need to do real damage when it comes to pushing mankind into an unwinnable WW3. Both Tucker and Alex are against funding the war in Ukraine. They make arguments like lets fix the US first. The trouble with that position is that they fail to acknowledge that the US owns the war in Ukraine because Obama46 said yes to Putin's 2nd invasion of Ukraine, in circumstances were Trump said no. If they want to stop the war in Ukraine they need to address the obvious 2020 election fraud convincingly. It will not stop whilst Obama46 is in power, which is a 22nd amendment fraud in itself.

Let me put this more clearly. The US told Putin to go ahead and invade Ukraine. They did this because they are both on the same side. Those who falsely accuse Trump of colluding with Russia, did in fact truly conspire with Russia to attack Ukraine a 2nd time. Both the Obama46 administration and Russian administration and the Chinese administration want the same thing. They want to enslave all of mankind under the pretext of WW3. They, all 3 of them (Xi, Putin and Obama) wish to remain in power for life and have been very successful in doing that. Just that fact tells us they are all 3 of them from the same stock - anti democratic globalist megalomaniacs who put personal political before before absolutely everything else. 

The last thing Xi, Putin and Obama want is for Ukraine to win the war or negotiate a reasonable peace. It was deep state policy to put Ukraine into war and it is deep state policy to prevent Ukraine from winning or ending that war. And to use the Russia Ukraine war to bring NATO into conflict with the BRICS. Because the US deep state is on the side of the BRICS. They are anti American to the point of treason as we saw in the Afghan withdrawal where they deliberately threw away any US military technological superiority by leaving huge amounts of their latest gear behind and failing to blow it up. Then nobody at all was reprimanded for that massive disaster. Because it was not a mistake. It was what the anti American traitors who run the US military wanted to achieve. It was also a signal to Putin that the globalists control the US military. So he is free to do what he wants in Ukraine without any sons of Mad Dog Mattis standing in his way.

Here is the best I have got and it will not be the whole story: In order to defeat NATO the globalists need the BRICS11 and the Islamic world on the other side. This puts Netanyahu into the Obama, Xi and Putin club. His job is to hand the BRICS the Islamic world. On the face of it I would say that Netanyahu's motivation is more zionist than globalist. But indulging his Zionism suits the globalists. Let me be plain here. If the BRICS11 and the Islamic world do defeat NATO, then we will all be slaves and most likely be irradiated slaves. Nobody wins WW3. The Islamic world will have been used by Satan, just like everyone else.

It is the brilliant military over performance of Ukraine that has prevented Russia from engaging with NATO so far. But I fear that Russia Ukraine is merely the hors d'oeuvres for the main course of China Taiwan. It is the Chinese who like to duplicate everything done by the West. The weapons left behind in Afghanistan will be in China and Russia. The Chinese have had enough time now to reverse engineer them and to design counter measures. And if they have not, then the same traitors who left the weapons behind will find a way to help them. When the China Taiwan war kicks off, then Ukraine may be further starved of support and there is WW3 in Europe. 

In this regard the US and Russia should be brought before the ICJ for collusion to deprive Ukrainians of their infrastructure by agreeing to the invasion. In the meantime NATO owes Ukraine a debt of thanks for holding the line so effectively.

So what can we do?

Politically: Campaign/argue for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Each one is a suicide bomb. Any nation that wields them is a suicide bomber. Campaign/argue against the transfer of any national sovereignty to any international body for any reason by any means.

Personally: Just as you decided not to take the vaccine (eventually) - Decide now not to take the Mark of the Beast, not to accept a digital ID, not to be a digital concentration camp guard or supporter. Decide to be no part of the coming digital enslavement of mankind. Prepare for that eventuality (12 months of supplies and advanced payments). Do the research now before the test begins.

Morally: Understand that every single human being is of greater value than the entire planet. Because we are made in the image of God and will all of us one day become what we are the image of. The planet will never become a God. But we will. Every Palestinian will one day be a God. Every Ukrainian likewise. And every Israeli and every Russian. Even Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Klaus Schwab, will one day make it to divinity. Notwithstanding their manifest attempts to thwart the rest of us on our journey towards perfect judgement. That is what we are doing here. That is what you are doing every day and right now as you read this article. You are applying your sense of judgement. You are refining it, adapting it, distilling it, curating it. This is what it is to be a child of God. It is our judgement that he is developing in us by presenting to us the Billionaires, the Government scientists, the politicians, the main stream media personalities on the one hand and the censored truth tellers, the persecuted whistleblowers, the silenced non government scientists, statisticians and life insurance actuaries and the alternative media personalities on the other. 

The good news is that John Lennon and Isaiah2 and Micah4 are all correct: War will end. The bad news is that the only way mankind will learn to stop making war is to get so badly burnt by it that he totally loses his appetite for war for all time. I will leave it to your judgement to imagine how destructive such a burning will have to be. But I will say one more thing. The generation that fought in WW2 would not visit WW3 upon us. They did learn the lesson. So the only way that war can end permanently is if the generation the sees WW3 does not ever die. Yes the harder the test, the bigger the prize!

But the idea that everything mankind is and has ever been can be wiped out by some demonic pig in some pathetic power game designed to make himself look BIG in front of those in his corrupted media who have not been murdered, indefinitely imprisoned or censored out of existence. The idea that everything humanity has achieved is of less importance than the ego of a heartless psychopath, who would sacrifice it all in order to feel more like a 'winner' and look more like a 'shrewd operator' is about to be exposed for what it is.

Those who cling on to power for a few more miserable moments of their negative value lives by abusing humanity, law, love, truth, science, procreation, gender and national sovereignty: Obama, Sunak, Hancock, Fauci, Xi, Putin, Von der Leyen, Netanyahu, Khamenei, and the billionaries and intel operatives who back them, and all who put power before humanity and political office before democracy, will reap for themselves what they are sowing for us.