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God gave Satan authority to convert your genes from Adamic to Serpentine for 42 months of Revelation 13:5 - That is what COVID19 vaccination is all about

You will not understand the genetic power game being played with your genes by these vaccines - and it is a genetic power game - unless you understand the spiritual war behind it. 

Those 42 months began on 2020December8 (2020Chislev18) with the first Covid-19 vaccination of the public rollout given to Patient1: Margaret Keenan. They will therefore end in 2024Sivan. In fact on 2024May23/24 (2024Sivan14 Biblical Hebrew Calendar).

All genetic vaccine rape will end then (through extraneous plasmid DNA). The vaccination campaign must end then too. Because even without added Cainian plasmid DNA the vaccines are full of DNA fragments from the manufacturing process and so will always be gene altering.

On 2021November28 The Exposť published my article giving the scriptural basis for the vaccines being the snake bite of Genesis 3:15 whose venom turns the genes of Adam, the son of God, into the genes of Cain, the son of Satan and Eve and proposing that the 7 golden vials of Revelation15, meant that there would only be 7 vaccine shots before the end of the World: The World will end at the 7th vaccine shot and who is really behind the vaccine mandates? I mean if ever vaccine vials have been golden (profit laden), mRNA shots were the ones and 24 carat into the bargain!

Here we are 2 years later on the 5th or 6th vaccine shot for most vaccine junkies and there are 5 months left to get to that 7th shot. The bad guys are not going to waste these last 5 months. They will force the last shots upon us in a way that they have not forced them upon us before, using a combination of war and financial exclusion in the G20 nations and blocks - the charming people that they are. 

I proposed in November 2021 that the 1st two vaccine shots were the snake bite of Genesis 3:15 a fang for an injection. I proposed that this was the battle of the two seeds (the saved and the unsaved) of Genesis3. Adamic people are not all saved and Cainian people are not all condemned. The two genetic lines of human beings that begin in Genesis 5 for Adam and in Genesis 4 for Cain are a genetic physicalisation of mankind's salvation status. They depict the saved and the unsaved. But they are not themselves the saved and the unsaved. We are not saved by our genes (that would truly be racism). We are saved by our character development (faith and love or lack thereof). And there was little difference in the salvation prospects between Cainian people and Adamic people until Satan's lease over mankind ran out. This has earth shattering ramifications because..

"When Satan's lease runs out he no longer has a right to tax us"

Pay Caesar's things to Caesar said Jesus. So what happens when Satan is no longer Caesar? Well, you stop paying him any tax presumably. Paying tax to governments who use that tax money to kill and genetically rape people with vaccines, and to foment international wars and to build a digital concentration camp to torture and kill by financial exclusion those who voted for them, is quite obviously morally wrong. I mean if you lived in Germany during WW2, should you have paid your taxes? Or should you have refused to fund the Wehrmacht and its concentration camps? This is not an academic question. It applies right now because Satan always does a trial run first.  

When the Exposť published the article in November 2021 we were being told by all the main stream media and by government 'scientists' and by big pharma that...

1. The vaccines were not gene therapy  
2. The vaccines would remain in the deltoid shoulder muscle cells and would not go anywhere else.
3. The vaccines being RNA would be broken down within hours of injection by the normal RNA breakdown enzyme RNase (RiboNuclease). Here is Retired Prof Klaus Steger writing for the Epoch Times on 2023July27 being 'fiction checked' on the subject by the usual non profit news controlling outfit funded by Meta, the Google News initiative and the European media and information fund. Whereas Prof Steger, being retired, is free to speak academic and scientific truth as published in the Epoch Times.
4. The vaccines could not be reverse transcribed into our own cellular DNA.
5. The mRNA vaccines contained no DNA

In fact I was banned from commenting in the Daily Telegraph because I worked out that vaccine immunity cannot fade with time. Immunity is digital. Once the pathogen is in your database, it is in your database and that is it. What was fading in the vaccinated was not the efficacy of the vaccine. It was the efficacy of the immune system of the vaccinated. The chief government shill for the DT at that time, one Philip Livingstone, kindly commented on my post saying: Spot on sir. He left his post up for 2 hours, long enough for me to see it. Then I was banned. It was the best he could do without getting himself into trouble.

So we had very little scientific support for our bible interpretation back then. But The Exposť nonetheless agreed to publish the article on 2021November28 - God bless them.

We now know that everything we were told about the vaccines was a lie and that the vaccine mRNA (modified messenger RNA, not merely messenger RNA - so really it's mmRNA) is in fact modified by replacing one of the 4 bases (Uracil) with fake Uracil in the form of N1 Methyl Pseudouridine, which makes RNA both permanent and invisible to cellular defences and in particular to ribonuclease which breaks down regular messenger RNA. We know that the lipid nanoparticle case provides access to every organ in the body from the brain to the testes and the ovaries. We now know that Vaccine mRNA can be reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome. The latest revelation is that the manufacturing process for the vaccines transcribes the mRNA from plasmid DNA rings. Then they filter off the plasmid DNA (non chromosomal DNA) that the vaccine mRNA was transcribed from. That process is expensive and has not been properly implemented. So the vaccines are typically full of DNA fragments. So now we have fake DNA as well as fake RNA!! So it would be easy to slip in some Cainian plasmid DNA into the vaccines. So all the components necessary for gene rape were initially denied. But now they have all been discovered and proven scientifically to be there. So our interpretation now has all the scientific validation that it lacked upon publication. Furthermore that validation was known but hidden by deception until May 2023.

"So crudely speaking the spike proteins are the can opener, your body cells are the can and the plasmid DNA is the payload"

I must point out that the bible published this as scripture and the Exposť published our interpretation which required all these things to be lies BEFORE they were found scientifically to be lies. Both publications were ahead of the known science. The Exposť by 1Ĺ years (DNA fragments being discovered in 2023May) and the bible by 3500 years (Genesis 3:15) and by 1950 years (Revelation13:5).

But all of this, as mind blowing as it is, misses the big picture (as always). This big picture is that Satan would not request or need authority to change your genes from Adamic to Cainian (if you are adamic) whilst his lease over Adam was still valid. Because he would have all the power and authority and headship he needed over you through that lease. But when that lease expires, then he only has heavenly authority over his own genetic seed, his kids, the sons of Cain, for God is patriarchal (unlike social services). So he devised a cunning plan to make everybody into his children in order to retain his power over them. This of course is why he slept with Eve and then killed both her and through her Adam in the first place. It was to ensure that he was to be the progenitor of the entire human race rather than Adam. 

Yes folks! So now rather than raping Eve with his sperm injection needle (Cain means spear/spike/needle) in order to get himself some human seed. Satan is busy raping you with his gene injection needle to the same end. And he will do it again to the 7th time under the threat of financial exclusion through the Mark of the Beast.

His modus operandi has not changed one bit. For the first shall be last. But he would not need to do it unless his lease had run out. He slept with Eve because had he not done so then Adam would have created children to God outside of his control. He is gene raping people by mRNA vaccination today because there are a whole bunch of humans which are outside of his control because his lease has ended.

"The existence of gene altering vaccination proves that Satan is no longer Caesar"

I have more precise proof than the above in the form of bible chronology which I cannot include in this essentially secular article. But I will tell you what we have discovered and point you to our site if you wish to see the details. We knew, before we realised that gene raping vaccination would only last 42 months, that Satan's lease expired on 2020January10/11 (2019Tebbeth10) and that Jesus was installed as Caesar to Adam on 2020Chislev9 (2020November28/29) having been maledicted until 2020Tishri15 (by the Quad Gapped Gentile Times) and having been appointed on 2020Tishri20. And we knew that no new Cainian seed could be made after 2024Sivan14 (2024May23/24) the end of salvation by faith testing (because by then there are too many obvious biblical signs for faith to have any valency).

So we counted back 42 Hebrew months from our known date of 2024Sivan14 and arrived at 2020Chislev, the month in which Jesus became Caesar to Adam (which Satan would not be happy about at all). Then I looked for the 1st vaccine rollout to patient1 and found Margaret Keenan in the UK on 2020December8 (2020Chislev18). So the global vaccine rollout began 9 days after Jesus was installed as Caesar to Adam and 42 months before our known date for the end of salvation by faith which is also the end of all those who have failed by then to enter into a salvation covenant. It is actually the end of the ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse (Mr Death), who only has authority to kill those outside a salvation covenant (25% of mankind of Revelation 6:8). Here laid bare was Satan's attempt to wrest back control over Adam for himself, by converting him to Cain.



1. The Exposť published the interpretation that the vaccines were cainain genetic rape when scientifically such a concept was deemed impossible in November 2021
2. The government, the MSM and big pharma specifically denied every single aspect of genetic vaccination that could possibly result in them been seen as an instrument of genetic rape. 
3. By May 2023 scientific papers had been published showing massive plasmid DNA contamination of the mRNA shots and circulation to every organ of the body and reverse transcription of mRNA into cell nuclei and the cellular permanence of modified RNA in which uracil is replaced by fake uracil (N1 Methyl Pseudouridine). So science has now shown that mRNA vaccines perform all sorts of genetic alterations. So much so that vaccine victims start making weird and wonderful proteins that nobody has ever seen before. Just protein junk caused by Mitochondrial RNA frame shifting induced by misreading the fake uracil and bumping the entire RNA sequence along by one base, turning the 3 base Codons into total junk. For the latest on Plasmid DNA contamination see 

Scriptural Intel

1. The shots had to be cainian gene therapy - from Genesis 3:15 and from the story of Adam and Eve and Satan acting as a serpent and from the fact that Cain means spike/spear/needle.
2. The shots are authorised for 42 months only of Revelation 13:5 by God and will cease at least to cause cainian gene rape on 2024May23/24.
3. This genetic power game would only occur if Satan was no longer Caesar. So governments owe back taxes to the lot of us from the start of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout on 2020December8!!

How the vaccines can change your character

There is one more thing to say which is too despicable for non profane words. The higher functions of the human brain, the things that separate us from the animals in behaviour. Things such as love, empathy, spirituality, sustained logical thought, seeing through deception, are the most susceptible to vascular damage. We see this when we get drunk. We become more animalistic in our behaviour (which can be a relief). In the case of alcohol, the higher brain functions go first, because they are more sensitive to cerebral blood flow and blood alcohol levels (more micro capillary intensive shall we say). But the same is true for spike protein mediated vascular damage. The capillaries supplying the higher brain functions, being the most sensitive, will be the first to be affected, making one less reasonable more aggressive and more animalistic. I have experienced this from two of the people I love the most in my life. Especially when they drink in addition to having taken 3 or more vaccine shots. They take a totally unprecedented completely unreasonable position in an absurdly overly aggressive manner. You look at them and think who is this person? That is uncle Pfizer for you. That is cousin Moderna. We have to be understanding to our loved ones here. Because the vaccines do not only make your genes satanic. They make your behaviour more satanic as well. And neither of these mutilations is an accident. That is a really hard one to deal with. Combined with alcohol, the vaccines seem to mediate a temporary partial frontal lobotomy. Now that was a properly satanic operation. Sucharit Bhakdi of does a very easy to follow video on this which is embedded in the Exposť article: COVID Vaccination is Suddenly Changing the Personality of Recipients.

The Power of Revelation 13:5 

Revelation 13:5 completely nails the entire chronology of cainian gene therapy vaccination, when translated properly. Here is what the existing bible translations have

5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue 42 months. (Revelation 13 KJV)
5 and there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and there was given to him authority to continue 42 months. (Revelation 13 ASV)
5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it, and authority to act 42 months was given it. (Revelation 13 NWT)
5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given to it. And authority to act 42 two months was given to it. (Revelation 13 GLT)
5 And there was given to it a mouth speaking great things, and evil-speakings, and there was given to it authority to make war 42 months, (Revelation 13 YLT)
5 And was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and was given to him authority to act months 42. (Revelation 13 ED)
5 And was given to it mouth speaking great (things) and blasphemies, and was given to it authority to do months 42. (Revelation 13 KIT)
5 And to it was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. And power was given it to make war 42 months. (Revelation 13 THOMPSON)
5 And ther was a mouth geve vnto him that spake great thinges and blasphemies and power was geve vnto him to do XLII monethes (Revelation 13 TYNDALE)

Here is a more accurate and literal translation from the 3 Uncial manuscripts which include Revelation...

5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it, and authority to compose/create/make [from ποιεω: 'poieo' hence poetry] what it wants [ο θελει] 42 months was given it. (Revelation 13 LWT)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλουν μεγαλα και βλασφημιας και εδοθη αυτω ποιησαι ο θελει μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Sinaiticus Original)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλου μεγαλα και βλασφημα και εδοθη αυτω εξουσια ποιησαι μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Alexandrinus Original)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλουν μεγαλα και βλασφημιας και εδοθη αυτω εξουσια ποιησαι μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Ephraemi Rescriptus Original)

Middle Liddell (the definitive Classical Greek Lexicon):  ποιεω : A. to make, produce, create, in Homer, often of building, ποιεω δωμα, τειχος, etc.; of smith's work, ποιεω δακος Il.; of works of art, Ib., etc.; ποιειν τι απο ξυλου to make something of wood, Herodotus; ποιειν πλοια εξ ακανθης Idem.; so, with genitive., ποιειν νηον λιθου Idem.; φοινικος  αι θυραι πεποιημεναι Xenophon.:-Middle voice., οικια ποιησασθαι to build them houses, Il.; also, to have a thing made, get it made, Herodotus, Demosthenes.
2. to make, create, ετερον  φιλιππον  ποιησετε Demosthenes.
3. of Poets, to compose, write, (old English to make), Lat. carmina facere, Herodotus., Attic Greek.:-also, to make or represent in poetry, Ο μηρος  Αχιλλεα πεποιηκε α μεινω Οδυσσεως Plato: to describe in verse, Idem: to put into verse, Idem.
[Attic Greek: Poets often use the penultimate letter omitting short, as ποιω, ποιειν, etc., which are often written ποω, ποειν, etc., as in Lat. poeta, poesis]

The word ποιεω 'poieo' which is generally translated 'to do' literally means 'to compose/create' (hence poetry in English and poesis 'poetry' in Latin and poeta 'poet' in Latin). So the 42 months is an authority to compose/create what he wants. And what he wants to create is more seed for himself and less seed for God (using climate change and transexual genital mutilation and war any other ruse he can dream up as a pretext to get rid of us and in particular to destroy our ability to procreate. For he is fighting a battle about seed, about offspring, about procreation about sexual reproduction). We explained in the Exposť in 2021 that Satan slept with Eve in order to make mankind become his progeny rather than God's. The result was Cain, a son of Satan. Whereas Abel (meaning breath - for Adam actually kissed Eve because he loved her) was a son of Adam. Nothing has changed. The first will be last. 

Just as Satan raped a deceived Eve with his sperm injecting needle, to get himself some human seed. So today his is raping her deceived sons and daughters with his plasmid DNA and mRNA injecting needle to the same end. 

Has he made you into a modern day EVE?

I say rape because although Eve most likely consented (being thoroughly deceived according to Saint Paul), Satan was an angel who was over a million years old (from Daniel12 taking a day for a thousand years) possessing a human behaving like a snake. So she certainly did not give an informed consent! The gnostic Gospel of Philip describes it as 'adultery'.

What nobility is this? First, adultery came into being, afterward murder. And he [Cain] was begotten in adultery, for he was the child of the Serpent [Satan came down in human form to seduce Eve, and Cain was carried and delivered by Eve]. So he became a murderer/manslayer, just like his father, and he killed his brother [Abel]. Indeed, every act of sexual intercourse which has occurred between those unlike one another is 'adultery' (Gospel of Philip)

So Covid vaccinees will have their genes corrupted with humanized mouse DNA, with HIV component DNA and with bat RaTG13 coronavirus plasmid (non chromosomal) DNA fragments left over from the mRNA manufacturing process inserted into their cells. What a charming cocktail! So they will become chimeric like the humanised mice whose DNA they now share. It is truly disgusting. It is genetic bestiality, it's genetic rape. It could not be worse and we pay our taxes to the government and the Health Service to do this to us?. 

Biblical Conclusion

To all those who say that the bible is a waste of time. Let me tell you that nobody in my church took the vaccine because of our understanding of that book. It saved the entire church (we banned genetic vaccination on 2021August22). And my first letter to PHE (before they banned me), in which I explained that the vaccines were having almost zero efficacy against Delta (from their own data) was written because I knew that vaccines were from Satan. I mean look at the inhuman methods they used to force them upon us! Denying dying relatives a final visit from their loved ones? Killing the elderly with Midazolam with plenty of investigation by funeral directors and alternative media journalists but none by law enforcement?

Here is the question that is begging to be asked: If Jesus is indeed Caesar, then why is he permitting all this pain and suffering and mutilation and atrocious immorality? Why does he not just close this sick system down now and plant us all is the paradise of the Kingdom of God that replaces it?

Here is my answer. That would not be the Kingdom of God. A lot of us still have a lot to learn. We especially need to understand why it is so important to attend morality school. If you read the Exposť and have a broad grasp of the level of deception we are all dealing with, then perhaps you personally do not need to see any more fruits of the darkness to get the message that mankind must adopt basic species preserving morality in order to have a future and that species preserving morality is essentially love, empathy self sacrifice and humanity. But more specifically it is the correct and accurate interpretation of the moral code of the book written by the inventor of love, the creator of love, the composer of love, the definer of love, the one who gave us the capability to love, the great poeta amoris. He made the love. Satan makes the vaccines.

So yes. Many people are ready to be harvested and do not need to see any more of this horror movie. But the majority are still in denial and think the government is doing its best, in circumstances where it sold out to the globalists years ago. But even that isn't a good enough answer. So here is how it works I interpret: Everyone gets as much of the horror movie they need (up to and including having a starring role in it) until they are ripe to be harvested, when they are removed by rapture or by Passover execution and resurrection on the 3rd day. Meanwhile God protects all of those under test (not those who do not qualify for testing -  having neither sufficient love nor sufficient faith) and not those who have finished their testing. He protects us using the angels as depicted by the 3 Hebrew boys being thrown under test into the fiery furnace of Daniel3, to whom God sent an angel to be in there with them, protecting them. And not a hair on their heads was singed.

God has to make up for a lifetime of deception in a very short period for most people. He will do this and is doing it with the Apocalypse of John. What you have just read is a part of that apocalypse (revealing). Some see things more quickly than others. Some can see it all from theory. Others need more of a practical demonstration. Some believe nothing unless they see it all with their own eyes. Some will not believe it even when they see it with their own eyes! He will teach us all with precisely what we need in order to learn the lessons of the hour. But not everybody will turn up to his class and not everybody recognises or even know what they need.

The next question is why does he permit the demons to rape us genetically like this? The answer is because God has to change our genes to become non adamic in order to stop us ageing in the Kingdom of God. And he operates a level playing field. So whatever he himself is doing to mankind the demons are permitted to do too. He permits demon possession because Jesus was angelically possessed by the archangel Michael (as was John the baptist by the angel Gabriel). 

Our understanding of the toxicity of the vaccines has come a long way since the days when the UKHSA infection and hospitalisation data definitively proved Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). And every step has been in the direction of genetic rape. Now at last we can see clearly who the genetic rapist is and how long his abuse is permitted and what the purpose of his genetic assault is. But his rape betrays his lack of authority. So we can deduce that his divine authority has ended. He has lost his right to be Caesar to mankind. We are in the transition period between the Kingdom of Satan (this world) and the Kingdom of God (the next). During this period, Jesus sits upon his throne and sorts the sheep from the goats of Matthew25. I will never forget when one Daily Telegraph reader asked: Is the covid stuff some kind of an intelligence test? Absolutely, a spirituality test, a wisdom test, an intelligence test and a naivety test a humanity test, But a test that thanks to a few doctors and scientists who risked and lost their careers and thanks to a few journalists who put truth above a glittering career of deep state propaganda and thanks to the natural inquisitivity of mankind, we have most of us now passed.

Phase two is when the test goes next level. And you will lose your career, your professional status and all of your money unless you agree to become a concentration camp guard or a concentration camp funder of the Digital Prison that the EU (the little horn of Daniel 7:8 that looks bigger than it is and before which 3 horns fall, namely the 3 EU member states in the G20 (Germany France and Italy) have now completed and the G20 (the 10 horns who are 10 kings making 20 items of Revelation17 and the 10 toes part iron and part clay, making 20 parts of Daniel2) is ready to implement. Make no mistake. Anyone who registers for a Digital ID knowing that those who do not register will be totally excluded from the financial system is responsible for their exclusion. Because if nobody signed up, then nobody would be excluded.

It made me so sad that almost every professional tennis player put their ranking above the demise of Novak Djokovic, when he was banned from the Australian Open which ironically is a challenge cup. It is hard to challenge the cup holder when he is banned from the tournament. That was a trial balloon. What should have happened is that every one on the pro circuit should have stood with Novak and said if you discriminate against him you discriminate against me. If he does not play then neither do I. But they all put their ranking, their tennis credit score, above their humanity, above their morality, above what makes us human. That is why the Kingdom of God is not coming tomorrow. We are not ready for it.

Everyone who enters into the Kingdom of God will have to make the precise opposite decision to that of the pro tennis players who as a group stole the Australian Open from Novak. They will have to learn to love their excluded brother as much as they love themselves and more than they love their careers. They will have to refuse a career financing the coming digital concentration camp from the outside in order to be employed by God to save their brothers and sisters from the inside. For that camp is the path to the Kingdom of God. All those in the camp have Jesus as Caesar for they have rejected Satan and cannot pay him any tax having no registration.

The simplest way I can put this, which I have been searching for throughout the writing of this article, is that everything we were told about Covid19 vaccination was a lie, absolutely everything. The same will be true of Digital IDs, every reason they will adduce for getting registered will be a lie and be bogus. Every benefit that they represent you will derive from them will be a lie and be false. They will be as safe and effective as were the vaccines. They will be as financially empowering as an mRNA vaccination was immunologically empowering to your immune system. I mean a new form of money which you cannot possess or physically acquire and which you cannot actually spend without government transaction approval? That will be the end of money. Because it is 100% theft and nothing less. The most valuable thing we all have is our humanity. It is that which will carry us through individually into the Kingdom. Professional ranking, social credit score, the stock market and finally money itself are all false Gods, the Gods of Egypt. They will all become as worthless and actually as dangerous as the vaccines.