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The Destruction of UK and US democracy by the Central Banks and the Deep State

Orange is the new Black: How a mug shot turned Trump into a Brother

There are 3 types of journalists in the main stream media. There is the loud mouthed, knee jerk reacting, hot button pushing, tabloid journalist, who surfs every wave of public opinion breaking onto the beach of fake news, with his MI5 approved surf board and his fact resistant wet suit which keeps him free from every droplet of truth in the virtual reality of his corrupted and incurious mind. He declares that Trump is a bastard in the first line of every article he writes which presents him with such an opportunity

Then there is the soft spoken broadsheet columnist, the blind steward of the nation's morality, a deacon in the priesthood of the 21st century media, giving his sermon from his MI6 approved pulpit, trying in vain to turn the darkness and obscurity of Intelligence agency propaganda into a light, dispelling the very darkness he is wedded to. With one leg in GCHQ and the other in naked careerism, he writes as if his shackled fingers have to power to liberate us all from the masters to whom he has sold his soul. He deduces. He does not declare. Nay - He deduces - that Trump is a bastard at the end of his first paragraph. Because he has been properly educated. His parents did not waste their hard earned middle class income on him.

Then there is the most academic of all the journalists, the weekly or periodical or Sunday broadsheet article creator. Oh how erudite his words! Oh how articulate his phrasing! His verbal dexterity would shame a concert pianist. His logical construction  would delight a Cambridge mathematician. The emotional timbre of his narrative would complete with Whitney Houston's warbling for your heart (God rest her tortured soul). Having the freedom of thought that comes from a decree in Philosophy from Oxbridge, he deduces powerfully, logically and emotionally, that Trump is a BASTARD at the very end of his article, in such a way that his words resonate for weeks in your mind, like a Kylie Minogue pop song with a one word chorus. 

Why do all these three types of journalist push precisely the same defamatory narrative about one particular American ex President  who has never stood for election in the UK? And why in the face of such obvious conformity does any thinking person believe it?

Andrew Bridgen recently asked on Twitter. Do you think that UK politicians are the best that money can buy? One very well formed question. I originally answered. No. They are crap. Then I got the question. They are all bought. Every single one of them. Those that are not bought, like Andrew. are expelled. And those that are not sufficiently bought, like Boris and Liz, are sacked or removed from office or from parliament.

Here we are, the nation that abolished the slave trade in 1807, with every single politician in a main stream political party in 2023 being a slave to his purchaser. Almost every single journalist in the main stream media being a slave to the deep state and to his career. Almost every single medic being a slave to big Pharma, to his practicing licence and to his career. Almost every single professional person being a slave not to his profession, but to his remuneration and career status from said profession. Yes we have all sold out. Not just the politicians. We are all slaves to our purchasers to whom we have sold ourselves in return for a salary, a career, the respect of our chosen status dominated sexual partner and the plastic security of a pension that is less and less likely ever to be paid.

Before they can enslave your body, they must enslave your mind. They cannot do that with people around who have the annoying habit of speaking the truth rather than the narrative (Vaccines are safe and effective, men are toxic but women are not, whites are a race, blacks are a race, whites are the new Jews who must be falsely accused of causing and of having caused all the problems in the world, cultures must be destroyed by immigration, families must be destroyed by social services, gender must be destroyed by any means available,  holidays are bad for the planet, heterosexuality is perverted, alphabet sexuality is natural and normal. It is OK to use the rainbow, a divine symbol of peace between God and man, to make war with both God and with the heterosexuality that he designed into us to procreate with etc. etc.). They are especially frustrated by people who are congenitally predisposed to open their mouths in truth before engaging their brains in fear, like the Donald.

Now of course it is true, that Trump is not a QC or a KC. His tongue is not made from silk. It is on occasion made from a rather coarse grade of sandpaper. He takes little or no care to moderate his words so as to avoid offending entire demographics. In fact he relishes causing such offence, rather like opportunist formerly known as Kanye West. Trump is no Martin Luther King. He is no William Shakespeare. He does not speak in biblical metaphor. Rather he sets himself up to be a target with his less than judicious and less than diplomatic and deliberately provocative combative style not dissimilar to that of the iron lady.

But he has one character trait which trumps all others if you will pardon the metaphor. He wears his heart right on the outside of his sleeve. He treats his audience like his confidants. And whatever sins that man has, and he has many, are plain for all to see. That is what makes him a non politician. And that is what, these days, gets him elected.

No politician is a saint. We all know that. But the art of politics is to pretend disingenuously that you are a saint, the only one in fact. Trump does not do that. 'I am a greedy real estate developer who runs a few gambling joints and a few hotels and a few golf courses' is his platform. He puts himself first in every negotiation. He always has. And who in their right mind would not? His ticket is: Put me into office and I will put you first just as I put myself first. I will put us first, I will put America first. It does not matter that his platform is crass and blatantly self serving. what matters is that he is clearly not lying.

But the reality is that he does not put himself first. Not financially anyway. He has lost hundreds of millions since he took office. He is one of the very few politicians whose net worth has gone down due to political power. How many politicians (other than Jesus Christ) leave office poorer than when they took it? How many?

His character and his life experience have given him the self confidence and the financial security to be able to resist most of the false narrative on behalf of all of us, whist being propelled by our love for his candour, to the highest office in the land of the once free. 

I noticed early in Trump's first presidency that the DOJ and the FBI were attacking not only him. But anybody and everybody who helped him get elected. We now know that they invented a charge against Trump (it matters not what that charge was - let's ignoring the noise and go for the truth behind it). The purpose of the charge was to hold Trump under investigation - any investigation - so that if he fired one of Obama's holdovers, that could be painted as an obstruction of justice. It was a self preserving mechanism by the antidemocratic Obama holdovers, who believe they have a divine right to be in office and knew that the one thing Trump was famous for was: You're Fired! They outplayed Trump completely. He should have fired every Obama holdover on day one of his presidency BEFORE they got any investigation going. But the deep state was spying on him even before he was elected. So they were able to start up a bogus investigation before he started firing them. 

The DOJ and FBI, who were both being run by Obama holdovers in 2017, started to create an environment in which anyone who played any significant role in helping a candidate get elected other than a democrat, would get their life criminally and financially destroyed. They started with Flynn and Manafort and Cohen. The message was: If you successfully campaign for a GOP candidate who defeats the Dems you will never be able to pay for your children's education again and you will most likely be put in Jail. That of course is a 1st amendment violation, a destruction of US democracy etc etc. I wrote to Prof Dershowitz about it - No reply. I warned him - No action.

But now, the antidemocratic policy of abusing the criminal justice system to force the destruction of your political opponents has reached the full bloom of its antidemocratic purpose with a farcical number indictments against an ex president and against the front runner for the 47th  presidency. Yes we have arrived fully at the headline of this piece.

Orange is the new Black

For in the life, you reap what you sow and there is no escaping it.  

Which demographic in the US has the greatest history of abuse by their criminal justice system? This is not a trick question. It is African Americans. They have historically been treated with great injustice by US law and US law enforcement. So when a black American sees Trump being abused by the criminal justice system. He instantly recognises that abuse and Trump becomes his brother in abuse. And blood is thicker than water. Especially blood spilt by injustice. So now rather than the justice system being prejudiced against black men. It is prejudiced against orange men! Orange is the new black. And the Dems have just handed Trump the black vote. For what black family is there  in the US which does not have a family member or a close friend who is a victim of the historic black white prejudice of the US Criminal Justice System? Do the Dems think that African Americans will not make the connection? They already have. Trump is now a brother in unjust criminal persecution. And the historic injustice that the Dems meted out to the blacks has now come back to haunt them with the orange man from the white house. 

What I hate about the US media and the British media is what I used to believe was their inability to hit the main point behind any subject. They talk like abused women about the terrible indignities that their partners have meted out to them then go back to those very partners for more indignity and complain for hours about the new abuse they receive which they willingly stepped back into. They never attack the core injustice that causes the abuse. I no longer think this to be an inability - thanks to Tucker Carlson.  I now know it to be a prohibition from the deep state through their agents, the administrative state.

Trump does suffer from that malaise too. But not nearly as much as the rest of his competitors. So here, to finish off with, are some of the questions that you will never hear asked in the MSM. But can still be asked in the alternative media.


Plainly it is not Biden. He does not have the authority to chose his own question to answer, or to answer any question in his own words. Whereas his press spokeswoman does. He is too demented. not too old, but too demented, to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Somebody else is. Who is the C in C? Who is the president? Every single news program in the US from Fox news to CNN to Alex Jones to the Epoch Times and every single news article along with them is completely pointless in a democracy if the vote you cast as a result of absorbing the information in the news item is for a joke who is not the president in circumstances where the real President did not get one single vote because he never even stood for election. 

The US is not a democracy. The president is a person unknown, chosen by people who are unknown. It is a covert dictatorship. Which tells you that the spy agencies chose this president, not the people. Which tells you that the spy agencies must be abolished to rescue the US from dictatorship.

By the same ticket the UK is not a democracy either. Because Rishi Sunak became PM without one vote being cast, as a result of a coup d'etat by the banks and the politicians they have purchased, which appears to be all of them. Which tells us that the UK banking system needs to be reformed in order to re-establish our democracy. Why we cannot all have a personal digital wallets I do not know. Are banks needed in a digital economy? Banks need to be very careful about abolishing cash. They may just abolish themselves along with it, if they go down that route.

Boris was persuaded to step aside and then assassinated rather like Prigozhin. Sunak was chosen by banks, essentially, who removed Truss for him. So the UK is a Bankocracy and the US is an Intelocracy. Neither one is a democracy. But at least in the UK we know who the antidemocratic usurper is. In the US we do not know for a fact although I strongly suspect him to be Obama46, because the whole country is being run by his holdovers.. Having said that, Judge Janine has begun asking the right questions on Foxnews. 


Dan Wootton did a good job interviewing a Tory MP over ULEZ recently who rightly accused Sadiq Khan of Highway Robbery. Then Dan asked him why does the Department of Transport not prevent Sadiq Khan from fleecing drivers in this way? They have the power. The Tory MP answered saying: What we are focussed on is removing Khan next year. That is the best way to deal with the problem. And Dan left it there. What he should have said is: So you are happy to sit there and watch whilst Sadiq ruins the lives of the poor and the elderly in London by denying them the ability to use London's roads for their businesses or to see their friends and relatives in privacy and safety, because you calculate that it will give you some kind of political advantage in the 2024 Mayoral elections - is that right?

If you are just as blind to the suffering of Londoners as is Sadiq, why should anyone vote for your candidate next year? Perhaps, if you find it politically expedient to some proximal election, you might double the ULEZ charge or extend it to Scotland?

The purpose of the ULEZ charge is not to fix pollution in London. Pollution in London and congestion are the business model of Sadiq Khan. He does not want to kill his own business model. He causes both congestion and pollution by blocking off roads. Just as the left wing stokes either class hatred or race hatred and then seeks to reap a political dividend from the divison they themselves have caused by posing as the champions of unity. He says he is blocking them off for flower pots, for cyclists, for buses, for residents, for children's safety. But he is not. He is blocking them off to increase pollution from and congestion for private vehicles. He does this in order that he can charge Londoners for a problem that he himself has created with his lane abolishing, bus stop blocking, journey defeating, road blocking policies whilst spending tax payers money on advertisments which falsely assure motorists that every prolonged twisted circular and blocked journey they embark upon matters to TFL. 

Try driving from Islington to Hackney. It is almost impossible because so many roads have been blocked off - with improper signage. So that you drive around for 10 or 20 minutes in circles polluting and congesting London totally unnecessarily before you realise the game that the control freaks in the councils are playing with your mind. The purpose of all taxation is primarily to pay the salaries of parasitic public sector bureaucrats. Just as the purpose of most charitable donations is the pay the salaries of donation managers. The solution to most problems in the UK is to reduce the number of public sector staff by perhaps 80% especially in the NHS. But also in all levels of government and government contracting. Cut taxes by the amount saved and let the private sector power us forward faster under the reduced tax burden. But instead the public sector interferes with everything we do and ruins absolutely everything they touch with their unique combination of corruption, indolence, dishonesty and wrekcless incompetence.

Incidentally the saving will not merely be the salaries of the public sector people. It will be all the bribery they arrange for themselves over and above their salaries and all the over the top expenses they run up as well. There is another subject that never gets mentioned. It is not just MPs who are bought and paid for. It is the entire public sector. In a communist country the whole place is the public sector and there is no private sector. One way to achieve that in a free market country is endlessly to expand the public sector with more and more people and more and more levels of government. In that regard, the UK is now more communist than it is free market. Because the public sector spend more than half of the GDP. We have a parasite that is larger than its host. The media talking point is always how much will we have to put taxes up in order to fund this new project? It is never, how much public sector corruption would we have to cut out in order to be able to afford it?