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DEI vs DEUS and the Family

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is Division on demographic grounds, Iniquity on manufactured racial grounds and Censorship, Cancellation and Exclusion to those who exercise their right to disagree with false narratives.

What we need is Equality, Meritocracy, Colourblindness and Love. Because nobody is white and nobody is black. We are all just different shades of brown, and that is a visually indisputable. When you go to a tanning salon you do not come out a different race to the one you went in with. The way to accept all races is to stop classifying people by made up skin colour. The way to achieve sexual orientation inclusivity is not to exclude heterosexuality from the rainbow. It is not to omit the letter H from alphabet sexuality. The equation...


Tells us what alphabet sexuality is all about regrettably. It is overt heterophobia and practical genderphobia. It is the evangelism and promotion of non heterosexual orientation over heterosexual orientation. This, in the medium term, is genocidal to a race which procreates heterosexually. Abolishing women or mothers is likewise genocidal for the same reason. 

Painting masculinity as toxic is an obvious and divisive feminist lie. Heterosexual attraction is polar, because as we all know opposite poles attract. To say that the North pole is therapeutic and the South pole is toxic is plainly false. What is toxic to both sexes and to heterosexuality, is the demonisation or indeed the cancellation of either gender. It is not better to be female and it is not better to be male. Both of the two genders are equally valuable and necessary to teach mankind about love, which is moral sustainability. Heterosexual attraction is a critical component in creating love in a society. And without love mankind will wipe himself out. 

It seems to me that the trouble with alphabet sexuality is not the orientation of its adherents. It is their prejudice against heterosexuality and their promotion of the sexualisation of children for the gratification of adults, which is grooming. 

There are only two magnetic poles, North and South, not 72. There are only two genders. Those with a Y chromosome in every one of their 30 trillion reproducing body cells are male, and those without are female. The Bible says God made them male and female. Genetics tells us how he did that. Transexuality denies both God and genetics (nature). 

The Trans cult tells us to flood male cells with female hormones and vice versa. Any doctor who prescribes such a treatment has abandoned his understanding of biology, genetics and the Hippocratic oath. No competent mechanic advises motorists to put diesel into a petrol engined car. In fact fuel nozzles are designed to specifically prevent people from doing just that. 

It is now known that trans procedures, whether chemical or surgical, can lead to infertility, incontinence, loss of the ability to climax and loss of sexual sensation. It is further known that they lead to significantly increased suicide rates and significantly lower life expectancy. They are therefore the reproductive equivalent of a frontal lobotomy. They are a sexual lobotomy. History will judge the 'doctors' who performed them in the same way. And history will not be slow in that judgement.

If the aim of feminism is to advance female power at the expense of male power, then their aim is to build up the left leg by eating away at the right leg. The end result will be a race that cannot walk and therefore goes nowhere. If feminism is really successful, the human race will fall over.

So can anyone see the common theme in all of the above? Can anyone see behind the politics to the hidden agenda here? It is all an attack on the morally indispensable institution of the family. The family is where most of us learn unconditional love.

Destroy the family and you destroy love. Destroy love and you destroy the glue that keeps society together. Destroy that glue and mankind will destroy himself with our biological, nuclear, military, bureaucratic, mass communication, AI and other technological means.

The role of the man as the breadwinner and head of the family has been destroyed and women have gone along with it. Now the role of the woman as mother and child raiser, has gone and men have gone along with that, having seen women agree and take political advantage from the loss of the man's roles. These things have not happened by accident. These things are not coincidental. They are all part of a plan to induce us to wipe ourselves out. A plan that is going pretty well at the moment.

Every tenet of modern morality DEI, LGBTQIA+ (-H), the planet is worth more than the people upon it, and the acceptance of paedophilia, is terminal to family love and to love in society and therefore to the future of mankind. It is attack on love in this generation, and on the very existence of the next generation. There is no point in saving the planet if there is no one left to live upon it.

The solution, the defence to this attack, is to learn what love means and to live for it and by it. To that end I propose the following moral constitution of love, which is essentially giving you the freedom to be yourself without opposition from people who disagree with you. Love is valuing the dreams of your brother as no less important than your own dreams, even when you know that some of his dreams will turn into nightmares. 

Love is wanting what is best for all mankind, not just for you and your mates. Love is valuing people more than money. For people can earn money, but money cannot earn people. Love is peopleomics not economics. Love is next level security. Love is empowering to all of us. When you love someone you do not seek to control them or condemn them. You seek to liberate them and to fix them. You seek to open their eyes because you trust their heart.

The Love Constitution:  No law shall be passed which has the effect of reducing the love that a man or a woman gives or can give to or receives or can receive from their brother or their sister or themselves

1st Amendment:  We must love everyone's right to express themselves fully and freely. No censorship of any kind. If someone advocates robbing banks let him advocate it. If he does it arrest him. If others do it arrest them. Let our own hearts be our protection against criminal or immoral speech. The police cannot even police physical crime properly, let alone speech 'crime' or thought 'crime' or hate 'crime'. Words thoughts and emotions should not be criminalised. They should be permitted so that people can express themselves freely and then we can know what is in their hearts and help them not to act on it if it's criminal or immoral, and love them more meaningfully. Voltaire summed up free speech perfectly by saying...

I disagree with everything you say but would give my life fighting for you to have the right to say it - Voltaire.

2nd Amendment:  The primacy of the family. No family courts. They are THE means by which the government usurps the man as head of the family. The government is not the family head. The man is. No divorce settlements should be decided upon by a court Every externally determined divorce settlement turns a marriage into an act of prostitution. What is the difference between paying 300 for one night of sex and paying 300,000 for 1,000 nights of sex over 10 years? If you marry a rich spouse who has no love, then you may not get a penny in any divorce settlement, which you and your spouse must agree between yourselves. 

If parents break the law by physically significantly harming their children (not merely disciplining them), then the parents should be punished just like any other crminal. But their children should never be removed by 'social services'. Children CANNOT be removed from parents by government. But parents can put their children up for adoption if they cannot manage due to health or drug addiction or psychological problems. This must be the parents decision. Social services must serve the family, which is run by the parents not the other way around

3rd Amendment: The primacy of the professions: Academia, Healthcare, Education, Policing, the Military, Lawyers, Bankers, Civil Engineers, Journalists, Artists, Sportsmen etc., must be policed for professional integrity exclusively by their own professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the profession. There must be no Government interference whatsoever. They should be as independent as the Bank of England. We must remove politics from all the professions. Every government regulator such as ofcom, ofsted etc. is to be abolished. They are all alike corrupt and have ruined every single profession by political weaponisation. 

Every school, every police force, every university, every bank, every newspaper must be free to pursue their profession in the way the their training has caused them to believe is the most beneficial. Give them their heads back. Do not employ only their backsides.

4th Amendment: The primacy of the corporations: HR is just a means by which the government can exert control over corporations. The HR policy of each corporation should be determined by the corporation itself. Not by the government. Likewise whom they employ and how much they pay them should be determined by the company whose money it is that is being risked. If the workers form a union to negotiate better pay or conditions. That is down to them. But if the union attempts to hold the public to ransom in order to advance what it perceives to be the interest of its members, they should be sueable for any and all damages said ransoming causes. 

5th Amendment: The scope of the power of government. The government is the board of directors of UK plc. It shall not interfere in any way in the authority of parents over children, professionals over their professions, or corporations over their internal policies. Their job is to create the most loving and positive possible environment in which people can flourish create and interact one with another. Not to manage people's families for them or to manage the professions on behalf of people better trained than politicians or to manage corporations for the shareholders. It can set external rules but not internal rules. 

Here is how the whole thing should work. The government should see each profession as one person, each family as one person, each corporation as one person and only set rules for that one person, NOT for the individual members of that person. 

In particular and most importantly, the government shall relinquish all control of the NHS which it has totally destroyed. It shall sack all non medically trained staff. Because too many of them have become political operatives or a unionised parasites. And then hand over the NHS to the doctors, nurses, GPs and medically trained personnel who used to run it. All the health regulators such as NICE and MHRA shall be abolished and all NHS funding should be given directly to the board of directors of each hospital which board shall consist of the professors who run the clinical departments of the Hospital. No life insurance or pharmaceutical company or IT company or other commercial outfit shall be permitted by law to directly or indirectly fund an NHS hospital. There will be NO regulator prescribed or hospital administration enforced protocols. Individual doctors will be totally free to use their massive tax payer funded clinical training to determine how they will treat each patient individually. It will be their decision subject to a patient's consent, what treatment is administered in every case. If they determine in their professional opinion that alternative medicine is worth trying they should be free to try it. 

International treaties. The government shall not at any time cede sovereignty to a foreign power. The upper house should police that. It should not cede it medically. It should not cede it immigrationally. It should not cede it militarily. It should not cede it financially. It should not cede it jurisdictionally. The people hold the power. It cannot be given away by our supposed representatives without our consent.

6th Amendment: The primacy of the courts: No public or private sector outfit or social media mob, shall have the power to cancel deplatform fine or otherwise punish human beings not in their employ. The courts alone shall have power to punish period. The regulatory bodies for the professions will have to go through the courts to punish members of their profession or remove thier practicing licences. The country will be LAWFUL. There will be no usurping of the power of the courts by non legally trained committees of assassins. There is one father for society, the court system. There is one mother, the healthcare system and social services. That is it. We do not want dozens of mother in laws and father in laws. 

7th Amendment: The scope of the public sector. The budget for the entire public sector will be 10% of all national taxation plus residential and business rates which rates shall be fixed at 1995 levels, adjusted for inflation. 

Any public sector person found taking a bribe shall be sacked with no severance and be banned from working in the public sector for 7 years thereafter. The public sector shall indulge in absolutely no private sector activity, no public private partnerships, and shall not charge the public further for anything it does in any circumstances. National infrastructure and local infrastructure projects will be entirely private sector matters. 

Local councillors will spend all day providing a service for the tax they receive. They will spend no part of their day thinking up schemes to increase their personal income by taking bribes or raising charges for services which have already been paid for by rates and taxes.

No road traffic or parking offence will carry any financial penalty. If people drive illegally they will get a point on their driving licence, which increases their insurance premium. No money will change hands. No congestion/ULEZ charges will be lawful. They are highway robbery. 

8th Amendment: The primacy of religion. The government will not have the power to prevent people worshipping in any religious group. The banks will not have the power to close people's bank accounts in any circumstances. If an account contains the proceeds of a crime, the government can freeze the account and seize the money in it with a court order. They cannot close the account. The government cannot prevent people meeting together in worship for any reason.