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The Billion Life Covid19 Fraud

This is not a billion dollar fraud. It does not merely deprive you of your livelihood. It deprives you of your health. It deprives you of your faculties, your ability to run, your ability to remember, your ability to think clearly, your ability to work profitably, your ability to have children and your chance to reach your full potential. But worse than that it deprives those whom you love of their health, of their faculties and in the end of their lives. This is a fraud that makes Bernie Madoff look like a saint, a rookie, an amateur. And it will end in a genocide of such magnitude as would make Pol Pot look like Florence Nightingale. Indeed the Pol Pots of this genocide dress themselves up as Florence Nightingales each night on our TV screens and in our internet newscasts, as legions of medically unqualified media prostitutes sing the song they are paid to sing to their viewers and their listeners, with the catchy refrain that goes: 

Vaccines are Safe and Vaccines are Effective
You can trust the press and the people you elected.

They are of course especially safe and effective for those whom Pfizer excluded from their Phase III vaccine trials precisely because the vaccine was known or suspected to be neither safe nor effective for them. The excluded groups were - 

1. Other medical or psychiatric condition including recent (within the past year) or active suicidal ideation/behavior or laboratory abnormality that may increase the risk of study participation or, in the investigator’s judgment, make the participant inappropriate for the study.

2. Known infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), or hepatitis B virus (HBV).

3. History of severe adverse reaction associated with a vaccine and/or severe allergic reaction (eg, anaphylaxis) to any component of the study intervention(s).

4. Receipt of medications intended to prevent COVID-19.

5.Stages 1 and 2 only: Previous clinical or microbiological diagnosis of COVID-19.

6.Sentinel participants in Stage 1 only:

Individuals at high risk for severe COVID-19, including those with any of the following risk factors:

• Hypertension
• Diabetes mellitus
• Chronic pulmonary disease
• Asthma
• Current vaping or smoking
• History of chronic smoking within the prior year
• BMI >30 kg/m2
• Anticipating the need for immunosuppressive treatment within the next 6 months

7.Sentinel participants in Stage 1 only: Individuals currently working in occupations with high risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (eg, healthcare worker, emergency response personnel).

8. Immunocompromised individuals with known or suspected immunodeficiency, as determined by history and/or laboratory/physical examination.

9. Individuals with a history of autoimmune disease or an active autoimmune disease requiring therapeutic intervention, including but not limited to: systemic or cutaneous lupus erythematosus, autoimmune arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Sjögren’s syndrome, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, glomerulonephritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis), psoriasis, and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 1).

10. Bleeding diathesis or condition associated with prolonged bleeding that would, in the opinion of the investigator, contraindicate intramuscular injection.

11. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Prior/Concomitant Therapy:

12. Previous vaccination with any coronavirus vaccine.

13. Individuals who receive treatment with immunosuppressive therapy, including cytotoxic agents or systemic corticosteroids, eg, for cancer or an autoimmune disease, or planned receipt throughout the study. If systemic corticosteroids have been administered short term (<14 days) for treatment of an acute illness, participantsshould not be enrolled into the study until corticosteroid therapy has been discontinued for at least 28 days before study intervention administration. Inhaled/nebulized, intra-articular, intrabursal, or topical (skin or eyes) corticosteroids are permitted.

14. Receipt of blood/plasma products or immunoglobulin, from 60 days before study intervention administration or planned receipt throughout the study

But hey, lets mandate that ALL public sector staff in the US and ALL care home staff in the UK and ALL citizens of Austria and Australia and Canada must be vaccinated. To hell with pregnant women, breastfeeding women, HIV patients. Diabetics, the immunocompromised, the obese, the smokers, the Hepatitis sufferers, the Arthritics, the Multiple Sclerotics, the Allergy sufferers, the Asthmatics etc., upon whom no trial took place.

Incidentally my apologies for not adding the above to the list of 18 Covid19 Deceptions. Obviously it should have been a list of 19 Covid19 deceptions. Let's regard this article as an exposition of the 19th Covid19 deception!

For it is a conspiracy so malignant and so inhuman that no Bond Villain would dare attempt it and no screenwriter would dare pen it. It's scope is so universal, so international, so global is its reach, that no government has dared oppose it (for long). It has behind it men and women so rich and so powerful that they can literally 'exclude' those who see through it from modern society. 

So let us consider the forefather of the present attempt at global dictatorship through every means possible, One Adolf Hitler. There is a wonderful quote which is variously attributed to Hitler and to Joseph Goebbels

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

We are presently in that precise situation with: Vaccines are Safe and Efficient. Governments and large corporations worldwide have been repressing dissent from that lie in an unprecedented manner. This repression should be an unmistakable flag to all mankind that the statement is a lie. But regrettably, it has not been so far. 

I would add one further tool to the art of selling the big lie, and that is status. People do not believe fact. They do not believe scientific truth. They do not believe logic. If people believed either logic or science nobody would have taken the vaccine, because flu vaccines have never worked very well in humans (being at least one year out of date when they are administered) and genetic vaccines have always proven lethal in animal trials and the spike protein is the wrong protein to use in a vaccination, and because any genetically vaccinated cell has to be killed by the immune system, so your immune system is telling you that vaccines are lethal to your cells. And because the golden rule of immunology is NEVER vaccinate during a pandemic, because it will create variants. this occurs because during a pandemic there is a maximum amount of pathogen about to mutate around the vaccine..

What people believe is status. They believe celebrity. They believe in the rich, They believe in the famous. They believe in the powerful. They believe in the successful. They say that nothing succeeds like success. This is because success creates credibility which leads to faith and to trust. 

So here are the 5 pillars of deception

1. Lie so greatly that nobody believes such a lie could be possibly be realistically championed
2. Repeat the lie indefinitely
3. Use the state to shield its citizens not from the lie, but from the consequences of the lie
4. Repress the truth and those who promote it mercilessly
5. Ensure that ALL high status sources promote, espouse, live, breathe and crap the lie.

And here is how those 5 pillars are being carried out right now as you read this piece.

1. The lie is that the Covid Vaccines are Safe and Effective, The truth is that they are not vaccines, they are not safe and they are not effective against Covid. A vaccine cannot have negative efficacy. The latest figures in most countries now show that the vaccines have negative efficacy against Omicron. That means they are not vaccines. They are gene therapy sold as a vaccine. So the question that remains is: What are they doing to our genes? The answer exposes the biggest deception of all time and  is so incredible that if I tell you it now, you will most likely stop reading. So I will address it later in the article. But so as not to leave you in the dark. It has to do with the fundamental question: Who owns your body?

2. As we know from A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth, the government has an entire department SPI-B dedicated to Psyops reinforcing the message that Vaccines are Safe and Effective.

3. The shield that governments of the world are using to hide the consequences of the lie from their people is corrupt false and manipulated statistics.

Here are two of my favourite examples of this. They are both so stupid as to be laughable. Except that there is nothing at all funny about the pain misery and death that believing them is causing to mankind.

Here are the ONS data on deaths and person years by vax status for 2021Jan1 to 2021Oct31 - from 

All mortality per 100,000 person years = 100,000 x All Deaths/Person years
Non Covid mortality per 100,000 person years = 100,000 x Non Covid19 deaths/Person years
Covid mortality per 100,000 person years = 100,000 x Covid19 deaths/Person years
Vaccine Efficacy against All mortality = (unvaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person year -double vaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person years)/larger of the two
Vaccine Efficacy against Non Covid mortality = (unvaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person year -double vaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person years)/larger of the two
Vaccine Efficacy against Covid mortality = (unvaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person year -double vaxxed mortality rate per 100,000 person years)/larger of the two

Vax Status
Double vaxxed
are 21+ days
Age Person years Covid
Non Covid
All Deaths All Mortality per 100,000
Person years
Non Covid Mortality per 100,000
Person years
Covid Mortality per 100,000
Person years

Vaccine Efficacy against All mortality

Vaccine Efficacy against non Covid mortality Vaccine
Efficacy against Covid mortality
Unvaccinated 10-14 2,094,711 2 94 96 4.6 4.5 0.1 -98.1% -98.1% 100.0%
double vaxxed 10-14 1,678 0 4 4 238.4 238.4 0.0
Unvaccinated 15-19 1,587,072 18 142 160 10.1 8.9 1.1 -69.3% -72.1% 31.0%
double vaxxed 15-19 127,842 1 41 42 32.9 32.1 0.8
Unvaccinated 20-24 1,253,977 31 189 220 17.5 15.1 2.5 -11.1% -21.4% 77.5%
double vaxxed 20-24 359,959 2 69 71 19.7 19.2 0.6
Unvaccinated 25-29 1,246,537 55 282 337 27.0 22.6 4.4 -0.5% -10.5% 57.5%
double vaxxed 25-29 427,061 8 108 116 27.2 25.3 1.9
Unvaccinated 30-34 1,130,675 101 424 525 46.4 37.5 8.9 13.1% -1.5% 74.4%
double vaxxed 30-34 480,574 11 183 194 40.4 38.1 2.3
Unvaccinated 35-39 1,082,525 189 613 802 74.1 56.6 17.5 26.1% 7.5% 86.4%
double vaxxed 35-39 589,849 14 309 323 54.8 52.4 2.4
Unvaccinated 40-44 939,699 239 898 1,137 121.0 95.6 25.4 28.1% 13.8% 82.0%
double vaxxed 40-44 720,804 33 594 627 87.0 82.4 4.6
Unvaccinated 45-49 850,696 503 1,510 2,013 236.6 177.5 59.1 41.6% 26.0% 88.5%
double vaxxed 45-49 852,707 58 1,120 1,178 138.2 131.3 6.8
Unvaccinated 50-54 758,182 928 2,372 3,300 435.3 312.9 122.4 52.0% 36.0% 92.8%
double vaxxed 50-54 1,129,045 100 2,261 2,361 209.1 200.3 8.9
Unvaccinated 55-59 699,511 1,430 3,362 4,792 685.1 480.6 204.4 48.7% 30.8% 90.9%
double vaxxed 55-59 1,194,925 222 3,976 4,198 351.3 332.7 18.6
Unvaccinated 60-64 539,511 2,184 4,366 6,550 1214.1 809.3 404.8 52.2% 31.7% 93.1%
double vaxxed 60-64 1,107,106 311 6,116 6,427 580.5 552.4 28.1
Unvaccinated 65-69 378,356 2,785 5,381 8,166 2158.3 1422.2 736.1 56.9% 37.7% 94.1%
double vaxxed 65-69 1,030,612 451 9,126 9,577 929.3 885.5 43.8
Unvaccinated 70-74 305,728 3,909 7,297 11,206 3665.4 2386.8 1278.6 58.3% 39.0% 94.5%
double vaxxed 70-74 1,128,526 798 16,431 17,229 1526.7 1456.0 70.7
Unvaccinated 75-79 166,159 4,741 7,628 12,369 7444.1 4590.8 2853.3 65.1% 45.7% 96.1%
double vaxxed 75-79 896,876 992 22,338 23,330 2601.3 2490.6 110.6
Unvaccinated 80-84 76,113 5,501 7,915 13,416 17626.4 10399.0 7227.4 73.7% 57.2% 97.4%
double vaxxed 80-84 677,380 1,277 30,126 31,403 4636.0 4447.4 188.5
Unvaccinated 85-89 49,226 6,126 8,662 14,788 30041.0 17596.4 12444.6 72.5% 54.8% 97.6%
double vaxxed 85-89 422,042 1,237 33,571 34,808 8247.5 7954.4 293.1
Unvaccinated 90+ 34,169 6,836 10,550 17,386 50882.4 30875.9 20006.4 65.0% 44.3% 97.1%
double vaxxed 90+ 236,443 1,371 40,685 42,056 17787.0 17207.1 579.8

The expose has already covered the disastrous figures for 10-14 and 15-19 year olds. And these will be a gross underestimate of the true scale of the disaster. 

But it is quite incredible to me that the Office for Nefarious Statistics could print such total garbage for those over 35. The idea that a vaccine against one particular variant of Covid19 can decrease non Covid19 mortality by 57.2% in 80-84 years old is a very very sick joke, that cannot have been written without the creative assistance of The Office of Statistical Regulation. 

Is the vaccine a cure for Cancer and heart Disease? Does it prevent Diabetes and Alzheimers? Behold, the ONS has cured all disease and halved all cause mortality. Yea we are all going to live twice as long due to the vaccines!

What has happened here is that the ONS has lost 100% of its all cause MORALITY. It is covering up vaccine side effect deaths with laughably false figures. For comparison, here are the all cause mortality figures for January1 to October22 for England.

The only times during the 10 months when all cause mortality dropped below the 5 year average were the bank holidays when nobody was at work to count up the deaths. The wonderful improvements in mortality amongst the vaccinated just did not exist.

The prize for the most fraudulent statistics in the history of Covid must go to the state of Virginia in the good ole US of A. Here is their offering to convince Virginians to have their genome hacked by Pfizer and Moderna.

Look at that. Pfizer themselves say (Albert Bourla their CEO, in an interview with Yahoo Finance) that 2 doses of the vaccine have “very limited protection, if any” against the Omicron variant.

But not so in Virginia. There the 'fully' vaccinated are doing 34.2x better than the unvaxxed. That corresponds to a vaccine efficiency of 97.1%, even better than Pfizer claimed for Wuhan Hu1. Look at the wonderful dark blue line for the double vaxxed. They brushed off Covid19 like it was a horsefly. But the unvaccinated, WOW, they are being infected in their thousands.

Whereas a study from Sheba's medical centre in Israel found that 2 full doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine are not effective at all against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, but a third “booster” shot helps, said Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit at Sheba Medical Center, at a Saturday night Zoom press conference (2021December11).

In cooperation with the Health Ministry’s Central Virology Lab at Sheba, the study compared bloodwork from 20 Sheba healthcare workers who received two doses five or six months ago (but not a third dose) with another 20 who received the booster one month ago.

“We compared the ability to neutralize the Omicron from these sets of bloods and we have good news and bad news,” said Regev-Yochay.

“The bad news is that people who received the second dose five or six months ago do not have any neutralization ability whatsoever against the Omicron, while they do have some against the Delta and much more, even, against the wild [original] type,” she said. “That is very worrisome.” - 

Readers of the Expose will know that the Australian, Original German, Early US, Danish, Scottish and English figures all show a worse than -60% negative vaccine efficiency against Omicron and that this negative efficiency, is due to immune system degradation caused by VAIDS.

It seems that truth seekers are doomed to spend the rest of our lives proving that government statistics are lies designed to push a lethal drug, in the desperate hope that we might save just one of our brainwashed friends or relatives from disability and death. This would include the entire CDC wonder database, which would also have us believe that there are absolutely no deaths from vaccine side effects

All these government lies are for the purpose of hiding the truth about the vaccines in order to protect the big lie.

4. Merciless Repression of the Truth and of Truth Publishers.

One cannot give an informed consent to vaccination unless and until one has heard both sides of the argument for and against the intervention. Everyone knows that in a court case, both sides of the argument are presented as fully and exhaustively and as forcefully as each other. Anything less than that is unjust and prejudice and corrupt. Today we see news outfits and social media outfits deplatforming those who do not share their particular orthodoxy

They call true arguments against their orthodoxy 'misinformation', whilst themselves peddling misinformation to support their orthodoxy
They ban and deplatform anyone who strays outside their orthodoxy or who attacks it as false - especially if their arguments are self evidently correct and valid.

This is the modern equivalent of excommunication and the Spanish Inquisition, fear of which causes vomit inducing public recantations being broadcast by celebrities eager to keep their status with the media. Every Orthodoxy exists to suppress the truth and to further the interests of the stakeholders in that orthodoxy. The Covid Orthodoxy is more widespread even than Catholicism, the founder of Orthodoxy in the realm of Christianity. Indeed the Catholic Orthodoxy supports the Vaccine Orthodoxy. 

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media" (William Colby 1920 - 1996 - director of the CIA during the extraordinarily successful Watergate cover up involving a full and total failure of the US security services, from 1973-1976.)

We know that the words of Colby were true (notwithstanding the plethora of intelligence agency inspired websites dishonestly proclaiming the opposite) because that cover up worked other than in the cases of Woodward and Bernstein, who were rookie journalists at the Washington Post, not at the time considered to be persons of any significance in the major media.

In 1973, the media was owned by the Intelligence services. These "Services" are more powerful today in 2022 than they ever were in 1973, thanks to electronic surveillance technology. So as we all know 'the news' from mainstream media is nothing of the sort. There was no article printed in any newspaper in wartime Germany that did not get approved by Goebbel's Office. The same will be true today for many main stream media outfits. 

What that means is that the BBC, the Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph etc, however good their journalists are at finding the truth, are prohibited from publishing their findings if they undermine the orthodoxy that Vaccines are Safe and Effective. So instead of the news, we hear that Mrs Smyth-Granger-Tomlinson from Land's End died because she failed to get vaccinated and now all her children are orphans, in circumstances where vaccinated Mrs Smith from next door died from accelerated metastatic breast cancer whist her vaccinated son collapsed from myocarditis whilst playing football and her daughter stopped menstruating 6 months ago just after taking the vaccine. But we shall never hear about the Smith family, because they show the orthodoxy to be false

A democracy cannot function unless all political sides of a debate are given equal air time, in the papers, on the TV, on the net and on the radio.
Any politician who attempts to silence or deplatform his opponent is a traitor to democracy and should be banned from politics for an electoral term.
Any journalist or media outfit that seeks to deplatform his or its competitors on any grounds is not a newspaper but is an antidemocratic propaganda outfit bought and paid for by the owners of an orthodoxy
Any social media company that bans or silences any viewpoint that in itself is not a criminal offence is likewise antidemocratic and not a social media company but an antisocial media company, and a propaganda outfit for an orthodoxy

Yet that is what they all do and that is what they all are. They have all become traitors to democracy. They are, propaganda offices for the coming globalist coup d'etat, They are the enemy of their entire customer bases. They are snakes posing as canaries. They are hypocrites, who abuse the freedom of the press to lobby for the enslavement of all those who would disagree with press orthodoxy.

5. High status echo chambers

Prince Harry: "Until every community can access the vaccine and until every community is connected to trustworthy information about the vaccine, then we are all at risk."

Obviously his statement was worded by a lawyer. But it is the reverse of the truth. Only communities that can access the vaccines are at risk and those connected to trustworthy information about the vaccine would not need such access.

Guardian Newspaper: Concern for UK security as Anti vaxxer groups evolve toward US style militias 2022January15 - Lets demonise all 80,000 medical staff who refuse vaccines due to having proper medical training, as domestic terrorists shall we?

A greater concern to UK security is vaccine injury which has the capability to destroy what is left of the health service, especially if vaccine injury deniers keep spreading their misinformation.

Here is a quote from a classic hit piece in the Guardian Newspaper Opinion from 2021August9
What should we do about people who refuse to get vaccinated, or who continue to deny that Covid is real? Debate on this issue has raged for months in the US. “Respect them!” scolded conservative commentators. “Shame them!” urged some. Others counselled empathy for them as victims of disinformation.

But as the surging Delta variant ushers in the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, uncertainty about persuading pandemic holdouts has given way to anger and despair. This was exemplified by the recent public reaction to a viral news video showing a Louisiana man recovering from a severe Covid-19 infection in a hospital bed, stating that he would still rather have had to be in hospital than accept a vaccine. It was the first time many of us saw the human face of a puzzling phenomenon which healthcare workers have been telling us about since last year: patients denying the realities of the virus even as they lay sick and dying from it.

The entire quote is an ad hominem attack on vaccine refusers, equating them with flat earthers who deny that covid is real. Yes, (hahaha) these antivaxxers are so stupid that they deny (haha) the existence of Covid even as they (ha) lie dying from it. The lousianan luminary did not say he did not believe in Covid. He said he'd rather be in hospital than accept a vaccine. He was saying he trusts his immune system and the hospital staff more that he trusts Pfizer and Moderna. But notice that there is not one shred of scientific evidence in the quote or indeed in the entire article -  

I'll bet there are plenty of Covid deniers who got vaccinated so they could keep their job or go on holiday or visit their elderly parents in care homes. Where is the evidence that Covid deniers are all antivaxxers?

The Louisiana man will never need to worry about Covid again in his life because natural immunity gives him antibodies to the nucleocapsid covid proteins (a fancy name for the protein case containing the nucleic acid of the virus, the RNA). This gives him 8x broader immunity than a vaccination and his immunity will not wane with time. He is over it. Whereas many of the the vaccinated are condemned to be reinfected ad infinitum and worse..

How about the unvaxxed 40,000 care staff and the 80,000 unvaxxed NHS staff who work with Covid every day. Do they deny it is real too? Are they morons as well? Or does their medical training tell them something that Guardian readers perhaps ought to know something about before they destroy their immune systems and alter their genetic code for the financial benefit of Big Pharma, when they turn themselves into fear addicted RNA junkies. Who would have thought that a left wing rag would side with a couple of corrupt drugs companies over the human rights of all their readers? Oh how the mighty are fallen, and all over a couple of flu shots. 

I have to say that I thank the Expose from the bottom of my heart for giving me a platform from which to respond to the Guardian  It is a freedom I never thought I would be given in this world. 

The Big Lie: Who Owns Your Body?

It is a simple question. The answer should be obvious. But it is actually a very difficult subject to understand for modern man. Nearly every large corporation today has a Modern Slavery Statement. We all accept that slavery is bad. But what is a slave if it is not someone who does not own their own body? The body of a slave is owned by his master. His master can use or abuse that body at will. Furthermore the children of a slave are not owned by the slave, Because the slave does not own his own body which produces the children. The children of a slave are owned by the master of that slave.

Let me explain what modern slavery is. It is slavery to the state. The state determines what your children will learn at school and parents do not need to be informed what their children are being taught because it is none of their business. Why is it none of their business? Because the state believes it owns your children. The state determines what medications your children will take and in which hospital they will take them. The state gets to decide when and if a ventilator is turned on or off for your children, The state gets to decide when and if your older relatives are nil by mouth and filled up with Midazolam with a DNR order stuck on their bed. And now the state wishes to decide for you that you shall take the Covid vaccines, by denying you access to arguments against vaccination, which are far more forceful, when given the light of day, than those for it.

All of this is not a coincidence. It is a pattern of behaviour that declares that the government believes it owns your body, your child's body and your granny's body, which means you and your whole family are its slaves.

Yes Pfizer and Moderna have created a monopoly which is in the process of destroying at the least, the first level of defence of the immune systems in all Covid vaccinated mankind, so that they indefinitely get sick but never die, making them into the perfect customers for their shareholders. But that is only the first trailer. It is not the big picture.

Yes, the WEF through assorted mega tech corporations is seeking to establish a new global government, which usurps the power and authority and sovereignty of every democratically elected government. And they will achieve this through vaccine passports linked to social credit scores, the mark of the Beast and the Image of the Beast. But that is only the second trailer. It is still not the big picture.

Here is the jigsaw for the big picture...

The vaccine RNA differs from the Wuhan Hu1 virus RNA as follows  -  

1. It has a known human a 5' UTR (5 prime untranslated region) and a known human 3' UTR (3 prime untranslated region) which are human RNA from the alpha globin gene. These regions lead and follow individual protein coding sequences in the 4101 base (nucleotide) mRNA strand.
2. All the Uridine bases (U) are swapped for pseudouridine bases (Ψ). This is a hack which prevents the immune system from recognising the RNA as RNA and therefore destroying it. The Pseudouridine acts like Uridine and produces the same proteins, But it effectively deceives the immune system into believing that vaccine RNA is not genetic material and therefore poses no hacking threat. This means that the RNA persists and is not broken down within 48 hours like normal RNA.
3. In order to achieve longer life and more replications, vaccine RNA is terminated with a sequence of multiple A bases (Adenine). These tend to drop off with replication. The optimum number of them is around 120. The vaccine spike protein has 30 then a link then 70. This link format looks like a way of extending its replicating life for as long as possible.
4. We know that the spike proteins bind to the P53 gene which is the essential tumour suppression gene. P53 checks your DNA before it replicates and it makes sure that its fixed - Dr Ryan Cole (5 hours into the Covid19 a Second Opinion Senate Hearing under Senator Ron Johnson). 

One cannot link to Senator Ron Johnson's video enough times -  Covid-19 A Second Opinion hosted by Senator Ron Johnson - A MUST SEE DISCUSSION.

Jiang found that the vaccine RNA enters into cell nuclei (which in itself is a disaster that is as dangerous as reverse transcription, where mRNa writes itself into the DNA in the cell nucleus, which makes the genetic code in the mRNA permanent in the cell) and there it inhibits DNA repair --

So putting the jigsaw together, we have vaccine mRNA which is designed to hack our immune system (using pseudouridine rather than uridine) and then switches off our DNA repair gene. What does that say to you? Plainly it is changing our genes and preventing us from fixing that change. Furthermore it is designed to persist indefinitely in the cell and reproduce as many times as possible. So it is attempting to execute a permanent change to our genes. That turns us into Genetically Modified Humans, GMO humans, like GMO wheat. If people knew that in advance they would not have taken the vaccine. There is the lack of true vaccine information. It is one thing to eat GMO wheat. It is another to be injected with an agent which turns you into a GMO human.

The Astra Zenca vaccine actually states that it contains GMOs...

One dose (0.5 ml) of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine for Vaccitech contains:

" COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S* recombinant) 5 × 1010 viral particles (50 Billion copies of spike protein DNA)

Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike (S) glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.

This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs)."

Nobody owns a patent on natural wheat. But Monsanto owns patents on genetically modified wheat (MON 71800). Nobody owns a patent on a natural mouse. But Regeneron own patents on genetically modified mice (HK-1174783-A1).

"Since the 1980 case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a living microorganism is patentable, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has determined that plants and nonhuman animals can be patented" - .

Vaccines turn you into a GMO Human. That is something which in theory is patentable. The NIH has a patent on Covid19, which they purchased from the University of North Carolina in 2018

2002: April 19: The University of North Carolina files US patent 7279327 for an infectious replication defective coronavirus (to be used as a virus vector for an HIV vaccine), claiming priority from US28531801P. Inventors were: Kristopher M. Curtis, Boyd Yount, Ralph S. Baric

2018: US Patent 7279327 for the chimeric adaption of the naturally occurring animal SARS Coronavirus to become infectious to humans targeting lung epithelial cells is transferred from University of North Carolina to he US National Institute for Health (NIH) - who funded it in the first place.

So taking a genetic vaccine potentially sells your body into slavery to the NIH who own the patent not merely on the spike protein, but actually the entire Covid19 virus..

So when Jesus said: What benefits a man if he gains the whole world (through a vaccine Passport) but loses his soul (it becoming owned by NIH and those who control that institute). He was giving us a warning.

The Physical Conclusion

If you see a debate wherein one side is persecuting silencing and repressing the other, how hard is it to deduce which side has the truth? These vaccines are a con, a financial con, a political con and a genetic con. The expose is trying to be your firewall to stop you getting hacked by bad actors by conquering the lie with the truth. 

Here is how serious this all is. We predict 62.3 million excess cardiovascular deaths in 2022 due to the vaccines. The death rate is presently doubling every 3 months. So in 2023 there would be 16x as many excess deaths as there were in 2022, which is 996.8 million. So the total number of heart attack deaths in the next 2 years is predicted to be 1,059,100,000. This excludes death from VAIDS and its complications, from nuerodegenerative diseases, from accelerating cancers, from faster progressing type2 diabetes etc. etc. These projections are dependent upon spike production continuing at the present rate. We can now predict from these figures, that if you continue to be regularly boosted with the present vaccine your life expectancy is no more than 3 years. If you are boosted with the new Omicron vaccine that period could be longer or shorter we do not know. If you stop at 2 jabs, you may perhaps recover before your 3 years runs out depending upon which cells got hit with the vaccine. 

This projection will be true if spike production continues at a constant rate in your cells and if you take no therapeutics. If you start to treat the spike proteins, with the normal flccc protocol, then you may defeat the vaccines. There needs to be a test developed for spike proteins in the blood. But there again that might scare people off taking more shots. So will they produce one?


The Spiritual Conclusion

To enslave you they must appropriate your body. To do that they must own some part of your genes. To do that they must permanently alter your genes and prevent your immune system for fixing the change. That is what the vaccines do. Now what genetic change would Satan like to make to your genes? He would like to turn you from the seed of Holy Spirit, the woman of Genesis 3:15, to the seed of the serpent, who was Cain initially. He does that through the snake bite of Genesis 3:15, Double vaccination, a fang for a jab. The boosters reinforce it and make sure your immune system cannot reverse it, by winning the war against your vaccinated cells.

Meanwhile, God is trying to take us out of Adam into Abraham in order to begin the process of ending age and adamic death. But Satan is not prepared to let God have a clear run at that. So he is trying to beat him to the punch and take us out of Adam and into Cain in order to keep his control over us and deny us our non ageing edenic salvation that Jesus died for.

Cain means spear or spike in Hebrew. Strong's has: !yIq;  qayin, kah´-yin; from 6969 !Wq in the orig. sense of fixity; a lance (as striking fast):—spear.

So vaccinated people are spikian, spearian, lancian, Cainian, the seed of the Serpent. That is the really big lie.