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There we NO Deaths in Scotland from Covid-19 Between March 2020 and October 2022 amongst working Doctors, Nurses, Police, Teachers or Retail Staff

It is really the most astonishing statistic resulting from FOI requests to National Records of Scotland from David Tait, which were first published in the UK Column and republished in the Exposť.

Doctors and Nurses:


Doctors and Nurses must have received the largest exposure to Covid-19 of any group in Scotland. And not one of them in work (aged from 20-64) actually died from Covid-19. Scotland did not misclassify road traffic accidents as Covid-19 related deaths if the deceased happened to be suffering from Covid-19 at the time of the crash.

Retail Staff, Police and Teachers:

So really nobody of working age in Scotland died of Covid-19 in the most infected cohorts. So due to the Fidelity of Scottish record keeping and the journalistic insight of David Tait and publishing integrity of the UKColumn, we are forced to the following conclusion .

"Covid-19 was non lethal to people of working age."

This means that every person of working age put on a ventilator was murdered by Doctors and Nurses at the request of Hospital Administrators due to Regulator enforced protocols. It was the protocol that was lethal not the virus.