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2023 February 12 was VB Day for the UK

Vaccine Banning Day: How the Alternative Media and the People Conquered the Deep Intel State and the Vax Mad Establishment

According to the latest JCVI press release, from 2023February12 people under 50 in the UK are NOT going to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccination.

"In England, the closure of the autumn booster campaign and the first booster offer will be on 12 February 2023."

Vaccine Booster take up in under 50s was less than 0.1% per week in the period from April 22 to January 2023 according to the press release (so about 3% in total). And primary course vaccination 

"has plateaued in recent months across all age groups."

Let's call this what it is shall we? This is a 97% failure in state healthcare, government and MSM credibility and a monumental victory for every citizen of the UK. The UKHSA press office tried very hard to disguise this failure as a natural winding down of a successful vaccination campaign. But it was nothing of the sort. It was the total rejection of a blatantly inhuman government healthcare policy by a roused up British public. I suspect that the NHS forced the decision upon the JCVI because it literally cannot cope with the increases in morbidity and mortality mediated by the cardiovascular neurological, immunological, reproductive and systemic pan corporeal destruction wrought by the spike proteins which the vaccines reprogram vaccinated cells to manufacture. But the big takeaway from this catastrophe is..

97% of the country under 50 has lost faith in government, the NHS, SAGE, the JCVI, the MHRA, the UKHSA and PHE.

YES!! I have never in my life been so proud of my fellow Brits. Almost to a man, they now see through the lies and deceptions of the drug pushing politicians and the scientific prostitutes with whom they consort.

How is it that 97% of people under 50 in the country made a better decision about the dangers of mRNA vaccinations than the Chief Scientific Officer of England, The head of profession for the healthcare science workforce in the NHS, Prof Dame Sue Hill OBE PhD DSC CBiol FRSB Hon FRCP Hon FRCPath? I mean she is a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. Why doesn't she do some autopsies on vaccinated corpses like Dr Ryan Cole and the Germans have been doing?

How can it be that 97% of people under 50 with little or no training in immunology, virology or cell biology, who don't know their N1 Methyl Pseudouridine from their Phosphofructokinase can reach a more scientifically valid conclusion about gene therapy weaponised antivaccines than Prof Chris Whitty, KCB FRCP FFPH FMedSci, the Chief Medical Officer of England?

19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
20 Where [is] the wise? where [is] the scribe? where [is] the debater of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? (1 Corinthians 1 KJV)

So to hell with the experts. All glory to the British people. For years I lamented my view that the masses believed everything they heard from the BBC or read in the Daily Mirror. I imagined them to be blind idolaters of government status, deaf to the discipline of science and impotent in the process of making logical deductions of their own. But they have proven me wrong. They have all proven me totally wrong. And their actions speak louder than my words. Since April 2022, almost nobody has believed the BBC, the tabloids or the broadsheets. We are looking at a total victory for consciousness and individuality over brainwashing and abuse. Russell Brand must be very proud of us all.

I had always thought the deep intel state to be invincible due to the stranglehold they exert over the MSM, the public sector and big business. But boy was I wrong. The people have conquered them. Oh how the mighty are fallen! The apocalypse (uncovering) has begun. This was the first opening of the eyes. And what it says to me is that mankind is not so dumb as we all look.

It is important to understand how this victory was achieved. Because it will help with the next battle in the war we all have against the heartless and demonic globalist enslavers who wish to control every aspect of our lives, whilst exercising no self control whatsoever over any aspect of their lives.

The Ban is Silently Extended to EVERYBODY in the UK

The Slimy Serpents running the NHS have just banned covid-19 vaccine booster shots for EVERYONE in the UK on the quiet under their find a walk in vaccine chamber advice. 

So Feb12 was VB day for Everyone in the UK !

Shakespearian Tragedy

The expose published an article by Dr Yeadon, the ex chief of Pfizer on the dangers that mRNA vaccine pose to female fertility on 2020December3, 5 days BEFORE the first person in the world to get a Pfizer shot, Margaret Keenan (90) was vaccinated  on 2020December8. She had her booster shot in the next year. I cannot determine from search engines whether or not she is still alive today. The 2nd was William Shakespeare vaccinated minutes later on V day. The Bard's namesake died aged 81 on 2021May25 after suffering a stroke according to the dailymail. The BBC headline was:

"Covid-19: First man to get jab William Shakespeare dies of unrelated illness"  

We now know that to be a flat out lie. Strokes have become an accepted side effect of the Pfizer shots. The BBC, for a fact, knew that in May of 2021 because Astra Zeneca was suspended on 2021April7 by the UK for under 30s as the BBC itself reported that day saying..

" Under-30s in the UK are to be offered an alternative vaccine to the AstraZeneca jab due to the evidence linking it to rare blood clots
Meanwhile, the EU's medicines regulator says unusual blood clots should be listed as a very rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine"

And just there, in the story of the first two people in the world to be vaccinated, you have the genesis of the Shakespearian Tragedy that followed. The vaccine is a lottery. Margaret Keenan survived it. William Shakespeare, who was frail when he received his first shot, did not. Now if it was his first stroke that killed him, then I would say the vaccine is a strong candidate for his death, because vaccine mediated cardiovascular events tend to be more lethal than the pre vaccine era varieties. But here in Act1 Scene1, we see clearly that the Expose, representing the alternative media, had already warned people NOT to take these shots. Whereas the BBC, representing the main stream media, the Intel agency propaganda machine, the mouth of the dragon, was covering up the lethal cardiovascular effects of all gene therapy Covid vaccinations.

The Worldwide Media War

The UK MSM is pitifully silent about the huge story of Banning of Covid Vaccines for under 50s from 2023February12 onward, following in the footsteps of Denmark. This is because they have just lost a world war with the alternative media. Yes. David beat Goliath. Rumble beat Youtube. The Daily Skeptic beat the Daily mail (although the Mail was actually the best of the MSM, they reported my first story in the Expose about VAIDS)

On November2, the Daily Mail published an article revealing that...

1. UK statistics watchdog scolds PHE's replacement body for publishing 'misleading' figures which anti-vaxxers have seized as proof that Covid jabs don't work
2. Over the past few weeks, the agency's data shows infection rates are higher in fully-vaccinated adults compared to the unjabbed. 
3. Anti-vaxx commentators and campaigners have seized the data as proof that Covid vaccines don't work.

And the Expose beat the Daily Telegraph who are now so government controlled that their article about VB day had to be entirely reworded within hours of its being published as reported in the Expose.

I could write for hours about the saints of Covid, the real Florence Nightingales in the emergency ward that the lockdowns subjected us to, those who have saved millions upon millions of lives by doggedly pursuing the truth about the long term progressive poisons that the genetic antivaccines have turned out to be. They all deserve a mention. They should all sleep soundly at night knowing that they used their time on earth and their resources to save their brothers and sisters from long term progressive injury and death. They stood against the mountain, and the mountain crumbled before them. But just as in any great movie or Shakespearian production we have the villains of Covid, the sinners, those who used their status to kill and maime their brothers and sisters for profit, for continued employment or for government and MSM acceptance. I am sure that one day a feature length documentary will be made about this battle. Here are some of the great heroes of the piece who influenced me in temporal order.

Judy Mikowits
Mike Yeadon
Philip Livingstone (government shill for the Daily Telegraph)
The Expose
Prof. Francis Boyle
Dr. David Martin
Great Barrington Declaration: Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, 
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Prof. Luc Montagnier.
Dr. Robert Flemming
Dr. Ryan Cole
Stephanie Senneff
Dr. Dolores Cahill
Sucharit Bhakdi
John O'Looney
Senator Ron Johnson and his Second Opinion vaccine symposium in DC (the only senator to really champion the cause - Ron Paul attacked Fauci not vaccines)
The Daily Skeptic
Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Ben Marble
Dr. Peter McCullough
Steve Kirsch
Dr. Paul Marik (was banned from prescribing Vitamin C to Covid patients by his hospital!)
Dr. Angelique Coetzee
Tucker Carlson
Russell Brand
Stew Peters
Mark Steyn
Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Dr. Eli David (on twitter)
Andrew Bridgen (the only MP to come out against the vaccines during the war)
John Campbell (good educator but joined the party far too late)

There will be no knighthood for anyone in this list. No congressional medal of honour will be given to these medical outcasts. But there is one who shall repay them for saving so many people. The one who knows a bit about saving people himself.

I have to add to this list all the techies in PHE, PHS (Scotland), the Staten Serum Institut (Denmark) the Robert Koch Institute (Germany), NSW Health (Australia), Stats Canada and Ourworldindata. Because every time a new variant came out (Delta, Omicron etc.) there was a window when the true damage done by vaccines could be seen, from the raw data produced by the techies.  Immediately, I and other Expose writers, would analyse the techies figures and prove that they showed that vaccines were not merely ineffective, but actually anti effective, damaging the immune system and causing vaccine mediated AIDS or VAIDS. The minute the Expose published this, the politicians would get involved, override the techies and a Monty Python farce would commence - a government coverup would ensue which we called Pfizergate. We had the Germans admitting they had made a mistake and finding 911 more unvaxxed people who got infected with Omicron out of nowhere within 24 hours of Expose publication (there was no mistake, Germans don't make elementary counting mistakes). I myself had PHE suspending their vaccine surveillance reports and altering their frequency just after my email proving to them that the vaccines did not work for Delta. We had PHS suspending publication of their data by vaccine status. We had the Danish Stats Institute giving up completely and those were the best of them. The worst just started rigging their data in the most obvious way.

So really this war was won by the power of electronic communication in this century. I have never met even one of the people in the list above. I have spoken to Steve Kirsch on the phone and to John O'Looney's assistant. That is the extent of my real time communication with them. I did actually speak to PHE who then banned me from contacting them for 6 months by email.

The unstoppable power of the Internet

Here is my story of how I ended up writing for the Expose. I tell it because it proves that in the internet age, anybody with some useful information can change the world.

I was sitting in a friend's house in Hackney. I had just been banned by PHE. I rang them up and asked to speak to their best stats person. I told them that their stats did not support vaccination for Delta. A charming Scotsman, Mr Dewar, told me he would get their top chap to contact me the next day. The next day I got an email from their Public Accountability Department, telling me that I was banned for 6 months for sending them too many emails. I responded: But wait a minute, you are the PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY department. You are supposed to be accountable to the public. I am a member of the public. How can you ban me? Such a ban would surely defeat the entire purpose of your existence?

I told this story to my friend in Hackney and she said. They are not going to listen. You are wasting your time. I said: I am not wasting my time. She said you cannot affect what is going to happen. The blind will remain blind and those who see will see. I said: You are wrong. There is something I can do. There is always something that can be done. You just have to do the best you can and hope that God blesses it. She agreed with that concept. So I started commenting in the Daily Telegraph. And we reached the point in time where the narrative was that the vaccines wane in efficacy. The number one government shill at that time and I think still today, was Phillip Livingstone. He would spout the government line all over the DT comments page. I would argue with him and he normally let most of my comments remain because I was careful to be factual wherever possible.

But having studied cell biology at Cambridge (Natural Sciences) before I changed to Maths, and having understood from Mike Yeadon how vaccines work, I was puzzled by this vaccine waning concept. Because vaccines are digital. They show an antigen to the immune system. It produces antibodies and puts the antigen in the database of the bad guys. Vaccines also contain systemic inflammatory agents which trick the immune system into believing that the antigen is really dangerous in order to ensure a serious database entry and significant antibody production. After that, the vaccine should clear off. There is no opportunity for a vaccine to wane. There is no mechanism by which a vaccine can wane. Either it alerts the immune system or it doesn't. Your immune system database does not have Alzheimers. Once it has a record of a bad guy that is it. A digital record cannot wane. It does not become 90% of a record and then become 80% of a record. Furthermore vaccines are not supposed to be operative after 14 days. So they cannot wane after 14 days because they are not doing anything after then. It takes 14 days after the shot before one is considered 'vaccinated'. That is it. Job done. So I realised that what was waning was not vaccine efficacy, but was the immune system response itself. I realised that the vaccines were damaging the immune system. To be frank I had always suspected that because the 4th horseman of the apocalypse kills, amongst other things, with deadly plague. And he does not ride until after WW3 (the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse). So I new that a worse plague was coming and I suspected that Covid-19 was the first punch in a 1-2 punch attack. It was the setup blow. It was the enabler for the 2nd punch.

So I immediately made the comment in the DT that vaccines cannot wane. What we are seeing is a progressive destruction of the immune system. Phillip responded saying: Spot on sir. And I fell off my chair. Here was the chief government shill for the DT, confirming my analysis. He left his comment up for around 2 hours, to make sure I saw it. Then I was banned from the DT.

Let me explain what was going on there. Phillip knew he had to ban me when he saw that comment. But although he works as a government shill, he happens to be a human being as well. He was very impressed at the speed with which I saw through the government narrative (something that he himself had also seen through but was unable to discuss with anyone at the DT I presume - one does presume with Livingstones) and I was confirming his own private thoughts as much as he was confirming mine. He did not want to ban me. He had already let too many of my previous comments through. But he had to ban me to keep his job. So he gave me the only confirmation he could and then he banned me.

This actually is why the globlalists will fail. They do not understand humans. The day will come when their minions will assert their humanity even if it means that they starve to death in the process. They will starve to death with a big smile on their faces because that is how we humans are built. That is the true anatomy of the human heart. It is powered not by muscle but by a thing called love. And love is unconquerable. It cannot be conquered by money and it cannot be conquered by any other plastic form of status. Notwithstanding the many people who live their entire lives as though it can.

3 words. But they were enough for me. So then I analysed PHEs Vaccine Surveillance reports and saw that for 4 straight weeks in a row the percentage of unvaxxed getting Covid went down by 5% per week compared to the percentage of vaxxed getting Covid. I had already made the mistake of informing PHE too early about the inefficacy of the vaccines for Delta. They just rigged the data after my email after halving the frequency of publication. So instead I waited until the trend was indisputable at 6 weeks and then submitted an article to the Expose. I did not expect them to publish it. Actually it was a woman commenting in the DT who told me to read the Expose. She thought it would be my cup of tea. Yet another critical player in the drama whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting.

The Expose published the article on 2021October10 and it went reasonably viral and persuaded Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, to make a youtube video quoting the British data. He was promptly reprimanded by the globalists who then released Luis de Silva from prison and rigged the 2022 election in Brazil in his favour in order to remove Bolsonaro and replace him with their jailbird. The article was one of the first pieces about VAIDS, vaccine mediated AIDS. The PHE figures clearly showed the destruction of the immune system week by week at a rate of 5% per week. The Daily mail even picked it up and said it was a load of crap from anti vaxxers BUT they printed all the data, which made the point anyway. Which means that the journalists knew it was valid. But were not permitted to say so.

This is another way in which this war was won actually. It was HUMANITY vs FINANCIAL SECURITY. Even the people whose living depends upon the government and the MSM did their bit. They did just enough to help without losing their jobs. It was a calculated risk. The alternative media has a lot of friends in the MSM, who cannot be seen to be sympathetic. But are nonetheless sympathetic to the antivax cause. They are sympathetic because their humanity is still there, notwithstanding their impossible job. I find these people very interesting. The deep throats of the piece. God bless them. OK they cannot afford to make the right decision right now. But that does not mean that they do not know what the right decision is.

I would not be surprised if quite a few MSM journalists, even BBC journalists, secretly donate to the Exposť. The more they suppress your moral compass at work, the more joy, the more satisfaction, you will get from using it at home.

But even then the battle was not won. The cardio vascular story, the immunological story, the neurological story, the reproductive story, the stories of athletes dropping dead live on TV, the stories tying Fauci and the NIH and DARPA and Daszak and the NIAID and the EcoHealth Alliance DEFUSE project to the creation of the virus and obviously to the creation of the vaccine which is essentially a worse and more permanent form of the virus, was yet to reach critical mass. How did they make the final jump to saturation?

Friends and family

They say in advertising that you have to hear a message from 3 different sources before you make a decision to buy something. Radio, TV and print media, used to be the mantra for saturation marketing before the internet. The same will be true for vaccine rejection. We saw more and more devastating data from government stats departments and life insurance outfits. We saw more and more high profile influencers, celebrities and doctors (who were really slow and still are sickeningly slow) joining the bandwagon. But more importantly I think it reached the point where everyone had a friend or a relative that had been damaged by the vaccines and everyone had had the virus once or twice. And people perhaps bought in to the fact that natural immunity is stronger broader and much longer lasting than vaccine immunity which lasts for just a few weeks, before the spike protein damage outweighs the antigenic headsup. Once you have had the virus and recovered, you lose a lot of the fear. Eventually the fear of vaccine damage became greater than the fear of virus death. And rightly so. For the vaccine is a form of LONG COVID. We just don't know how long.

The real problem, which is for another article, is why, if the UK stopped being vaccinated in April 2022, is excess mortality still increasing in January 2023? Only a small fraction of the increase, if any, will be due to the collapse of the NHS. Most people these days who go into hospitals, come out in a worse state than when they went in. That is if they come out at all. And the increase in excess mortality is global, whereas the NHS collapse is national to the UK obviously. Also excess mortality has risen most in the countries which have had the most vaccination.


I suppose Sir Tim Berners Lee is the man most responsible for this victory in the final analysis. He created the means by which the antivax camp could marshal and transfer their information. No wonder the Deep Intel State wants complete control of the net. Mind you they want complete control of your pet hamster. I guess Alex Jones foresaw all of this with his Infowars website. And he played a large part in this UK victory. Whereas the US has not yet won their vaccine battle. Their VB day is yet to come. May that day come soon.

This was an Infowar. And the great thing about the internet, and about an infowar, is that one person, with one idea, can change the whole world. It is the fulfilment of Obama's campaign slogan YES YOU CAN. Although Obama46, I suspect, is doing his best to censor the net on behalf of his destructive globalist masters in such a way that NO YOU CAN'T.

For all the world's a stage said the original unvaccinated William Shakespeare. And that stage is the internet. And it does not matter how small your theatre is. All that matters is that you let the truth speak in it, no matter how ugly, no matter how distasteful and no matter how offensive that truth appears to be. For like Robert Malone said. The truth is a lion. It fends for itself. But even a lion needs a stage.