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Pfizer's New Bivalent Vax Figures Prove the Old Vax had negative efficacy within 30 days

In their efforts to hype the performance of their new vaccine against the Omicron variant, Pfizer have revealed that their old vaccine not only did not work against Omicron, it actually went negative in effectiveness within 30 days.

We have been sold an antivaccine as a vaccine.  Here is what Pfizer says about their new Omicron shots...

Pfizer and BioNTech’s bivalent vaccine contains 15-µg of mRNA encoding the wild-type spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which is present in the Original Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and 15-µg of mRNA encoding the spike protein of the Omicron |  BA.4/BA.5 subvariants. Because the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants contain identical spike protein amino acid sequences, both can be targeted at once with a single mRNA strand. Apart from the addition of the mRNA sequence of the Omicron BA.4/BA.5 spike protein, all other components of the vaccine remain unchanged. - 

One month after administration, a booster dose of the Omicron-adapted monovalent candidates (30 µg and 60 µg) increased neutralizing (antibody) geometric mean titers (GMT) against Omicron BA.1 13.5 and 19.6-fold above pre-booster dose levels, while a booster dose of the Omicron-adapted bivalent candidates conferred a 9.1 and 10.9-fold increase in neutralizing (antibody) GMTs against Omicron BA.1. Both Omicron-adapted vaccine candidates were well-tolerated in participants who received one or the other Omicron-adapted vaccine -

We shall now use their findings to prove that the old Pfizer shots destroy your immune system at a rate in excess of 14% per month!

Hitherto we have known that the vaccines cause VAIDS and we saw in October 2021, from PHE figures against delta that doubly vaxxed people were losing their immunity against the Delta variant at 5-7% per week when compared to unvaxxed people. This is how the Expose first revealed that the Covid Vaccines are in fact Trojans. They offer an initial immunity against a variant. But they also progressively destroy your immune system to the point where that initial immunity is wiped out. Then they continue said destruction until the point where your immune system kills most of the vaccinated spike producing cells. Some people die before that point (from cardiovascular disease, from neurodegenerative disease, from spike infected organ failure, from sepsis, from turbo cancers, etc.) as we have seen from the excess mortality figures Others lose a significant percentage of their immune function against viruses in a manner which may not be reversible since the DNA vaccines of Astra Zeneca and J&J.are obviously gene altering and the mRNA vaccines have as many modifications as humans know how to make, in order render what should be temporary RNA almost permanent (N1 Methyl Pseudouridine for Uracil etc.). Furthermore the fake uracil is not identified by the cell as genetic material and so if it gets incorporated into other cell processes, it has the capability to switch off immunity to all sorts of genetic disorders - which could not be more disastrous long term. 

The great thing about these new (2022June21) Pfizer results is that when properly analysed, which as not as easy as I first thought, give a percentage destruction of immunity that the old vaccines wreaked in the first 30 days.

Putting these results into tabular form we get

New Vax against Omicron BA4/5 Old Vax against Wuhan Hu1 Omicron BA1 Antibody increase
30ug 0 19.6x
15ug 0 13.5x
30ug 30ug 10.9x
15ug 15ug 9.1x

Looking at the table above we see that adding 30 ug of the original Pfizer vaccine against Wuhan Hu1 (that everybody has taken for the 1st and 2nd shots and the boosters up until September 2022), to 30ug of the new Omicron BA4/5 vaccine component, decreases its effectiveness after one month from 19.6x to 10.9x a reduction of 44%. Likewise adding 15ug of the old Wuhan Hu1 vaccine decreases the effectiveness of 15ug of the new Omicron BA4/5 vaccine component from 13.5x to 9.1x, a reduction of 33%.

The causes of these enormous reductions in efficacy are...

1. The old vaccine has no efficacy against Omicron.
2. Both the old and the new vaccine progressively destroy the immune system with spike proteins that they program your cells to make.
3. Adding the old vax diverts some of the B lymphocyte capacity from making Omicron neutralising antibodies into making totally useless antibodies against a computer generated spike protein (Wuhan Hu1) that has never been isolated, was most likely never in circulation and most likely has more to do with Peter Daszak, Tony Fauci and  Moderna, than it does with Wuhan.

In order to determine the rate of destruction of the immune system in 30 days we must first remove the reduction in efficacy due to diverting resources away from useful antibody production to useless antibody production. Before we do that there are some key observations to be made about these results.

No Scientific Paper

Pfizer's Phase3 clinical trial of the old vaccine was slated to last for published as a scientific paper in the New England Journal of Medicine. It clinical trial identifier is NCT04368728. It began on 2020April29 and is slated to finish on 2023February15. It is stated to be still active. But the 46,953 participant trial ended after 6 months when they permitted the placebo group to be vaccinated (after having received FDA emergency use authorisation). There will be no further data from that trial, because it would demonstrate VAIDS. They stopped the 34 month 28 months early (after just 6 months) in order to conceal the longer term damage their vaccines do to those who take them.

But the results for the 1,234 participant trial of the new vax have not been published as a scientific paper at all. They are therefore entirely anecdotal. I rang Pfizer on 01304 616161 and asked them when would they be publishing the 60 day and 90 day results from their new Omicron vax trial. The 30 day results were published on June25. So they would have been in a position to publish the 90 day results by August25. I was told there are no further results available. I asked if I could submit a request for the 60 day and 90 day results. Pfizer responded that such a request would most likely be ignored. Yes indeed. Because it would clearly demonstrate the Pfizer mediated destruction of the immune system in precise terms by both the old and the new vaccines.

19.6 x Zero = Zero

Pfizer have told us the percentage increase in antibody levels seen in their Phase 2/3 trial of 1,234 patients each of whom had had 3 doses of the original Pfizer vaccine. They have not told us the actual increase in antibody concentration nor the baseline pre trial antibody levels. That is because such results would clearly demonstrate that the old shot did not work against Omicron in the patients who had not actually been infected with that variant. Hundreds of their participants (who had not yet caught Omicron) will have had negligibly small levels of Omicron BA1 antibodies, despite being triply jabbed.. 

No figures for the Omicron antibody increase for the old vax

Why did Pfizer omit to publish the omicron BA1 neutralising antibody figures for their old vax by itself? They published them for their new vax by itself. And they published them for the two together. Where are the old vax figures?. In the bin I would suggest because they were NEGATIVE. It produces a decrease, not an increase. Had they published those figures I suspect they would have destroyed the entire basis of the vaccine response to the pandemic. There is a Subpoena waiting to happen. Or better still why do the BMGF or the Welcome Trust not fund such a study if they want to follow the science?

Pfizer and Moderna's business model is to destroy your immune system

Obviously if your immune system was perfect you would not suffer from any virus or cancer or autoimmune disease or sepsis on Type2 diabetes actually. You would not require most of the products that Big Pharma make. 

Conversely, if you had full blown AIDS (be it HIV mediated or be it vaccine mediated) then the only immunity you would ever get would be from Pharmaceuticals. In which case you would require most of the products that Big Pharma make.

So if Big Pharma improve your immune system then they all go bust.

Conversely, if they destroy your immune system then they take over the entire healthcare system.

Which business model do you think they are presently following?

The reduction in efficacy due to antibody production diversion

The immune system has a limited capacity to make antibodies. These shots push it close to capacity as can be seen by the 30ug shot only producing 45% more antibodies than the 15ug shot (rather than the expected 100% more were it not near capacity).

Restating Pfizer's results for Omicron BA1 neutralising antibody increases after one month we get

15ug new = 13.5x increase
15ug new + 15ug new = 19.6x increase  = 27x 72.6%. This is 72.6% of the expected increase of 2x 13.5x = 27x
15ug new + 15ug old = 9.1x increase

These are terrible results for the old vax. It reduces the vax performance by more than 50%. 

One can see that we are running into capacity limits because rather than getting 27x the antibodies from a double 15ug dose of the new vax (2x 13.5x), we get only 19.6x. This tells us that capacity (or immune sufficiency) is limiting the 30ug dose to 72.6% of the theoretical increase.

Therefore we would expect that capacity (not immune sufficiency in this case) would also limit the 30ug dose of new + old vax to 72.6% of 13.5x which is 9.801x. But it does worse than that. It reduces it to 9.1% THERE is the immune degradation part of the equation. 

Immune degradation reduces the efficacy of the new+old vax from the expected 9.801x (taking capacity limits into account) to 9.1x, which is a reduction of 7.2%.

So diverted antibody production capacity reduces the performance of the bivalent vax by 27.4%, then immune degradation reduces it by a further 7.2% 

But this is only the immune degradation resulting from 15ug of the old vax which is a half dose. So one full dose would lead to a 14.4% immune degradation each month.

Whereas 2 full doses produced a 6.57% fall off in immunity every week (against Delta in October 2021) which is a fall of 28.15% in 30 days. But thereagain 2 full shots should indeed produce twice the immune degradation of one shot.

So really Pfizer's figures (28.8% per month for 2 shots) do confirm the real world data (28.15% for 2 shots) that we saw from PHE in October 2021, when the Expose first identified Vaccine mediated AIDS..

These results lay bare what the Exposé has been demonstrating from government infection hospitalisation and death figures all over the world (many of whom have now stopped publishing the relevant figures because they were more and more clearly displaying how lethal the vaccines are). The the original Pfizer vaccine not only had no efficacy against Omicron. It also progressively destroyed your immune system at the rate displayed above. It was an anti vaccine against Omicron. It never had any positive effect on Omicron antibody levels. Furthermore, 30 days after your Pfizer booster shot (30 ug of vaccine against Wuhan Hu1) you would have had around 2x7.2% = 14.4% less antibodies against Omicron than you had before you took the booster according to Pfizer's own figures. It was NEVER an immunity booster. It was always an immunity disruptor, an immunity compromiser, an immunity nullifier, an immunity degrader. That is why the infection rates in the vaccinated were so much worse than the infection rates in the unvaccinated for Omicron.

We no longer need government figures to see this. Because Pfizer has gone and done it for us. Their figures clearly show that the original vaccine causes VAIDS at an alarmingly fast rate of more than 14% per month per jab!

They were so keen to show the world how effective their new shots were, that they overlooked the fact that their data also proved how anti effective their old shots were.


I need to state this again clearly because it is so important. 

Pfizer's figures for the new vax verses the old vax prove that the old vax did not work against Omicron. 

Pfizer's bivalent verses monovalent trial results show that one shot (30ug) of the old vaccine destroys 14% of your Covid19 antibodies in 30 days.

Since one is not considered boosted until 14 days after the shot, it follows that the old boosters were never vaccines, they were always antivaccines, having a negative efficacy by day 14. 

Every Pfizer vaccination taken by every human on the planet prior to September 2022, has systematically destroyed their immune response at an initial rate greater than 14% per month.

Every Pfizer vaccinated person has VAIDS.

There is some good news here. Because the rate of immune degradation will decrease as your immune system (your T cells) kill off every vaccinated cell in your body. But if you keep boosting yourself it will not really get that chance and it will be less and less able to kill them off. 

I remember when I wrote an article showing from the German government figures out of the Robert Koch institute in Berlin, that vaccinated Germans were 8.1x more likely to be infected with Omicron than unvaccinated Germans and from the Australian government showing that vaccinated people were more than 10x likely to be infected than the unvaxxed. The German government immediately changed their figures and said: Oh we made a mistake. They found another 911 unvaccinated people who had caught Omicron. As if Germans, the best mechanical engineers in the world, routinely make mistakes with numbers. There was no mistake. The Australian figures confirmed it back then. And Pfizer's results above confirm it today. 

There are half a million people in the UK with compromised immune systems. Many of them have absolutely zero antibodies to Omicron. Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 actually did a reasonable documentary on them on Thursday September1 from 12:00 - 14:00. These people are condemned to spend the rest of their lives in total isolation having had 5 or 6 Covid vaccinations to no good end. Their immune system can no longer produce ANY antibodies to Omicron. Jeremy interviewed several of them who said that the vaccines are useless for them. The government did not pay for them to discover that they had zero antibodies after 5 or 6 vaccinations. They had to have private testing done, which they paid for themselves, in order to find that out. 

The solution for them is a drug called Evushield, which is a monoclonal antibody concoction. It literally gives them the antibodies that their immune system can no longer make. It is the Covid equivalent to antiretrovirals for AIDS. The MHRA authorised the drug in March for immuno compromised people. But you cannot get it on the NHS and you need 2 shots at £800 per shot. Many cannot afford it. So much for the NHS caring about the health of this country. Obviously if you cannot interact with anybody face to face, your earning capacity will be seriously reduced and the taxes you pay every year will likewise be significantly reduced. The idea that such a person is not worth £1600 to the economy over the rest of their lives is absurd. An investment of £1600 would most likely be repaid within a year by the overall improvement to the economy from having another fit and health working person. And that is just the economic argument. The social argument need not even be mentioned. Liz Truss is about to spend 200 Billion on energy apparently. We could fix every immuno compromised person in the land for less than 1 billion. But that would not get any computer generated Wuhan Hu1 spike proteins into them now would it?

These immuno compromised people had weak immunity to begin with and now have absolutely zero immunity in many cases. That is where we will all end up if we continue taking any vaccination containing the genetic code for Covid spike proteins or taking the spike proteins themselves as with Novavax. One woman interviewed on the radio said that she had not had a hug in 2½ years.. Jeremy Vine suggested that the government paid for Covid tested huggers to go and visit people like her. At least that gave her a laugh.

The tragic thing about these immune deficient people is that they are the ones least able to tolerate the immune system destruction mediated by the vaccines and yet they were always the first to be recommended to take the next shot. They are the victims of the most gross medical negligence. They should all be given Evushield for that reason alone. 

Pfizer has demonstrated a 44% immune degradation in 30 days at 30ug of the original Pfizer vaccine (the standard vaccine dose). A 30 day clinical trial is not a completed clinical trial. It is a joke. Fauci himself said recently that we don't have time to finish the clinical trials of the bivalent booster - They could have made an omicron booster 8 months ago, in which case they would have had time. They could have made a delta booster a year ago. But they plainly have no interest is providing an up to date booster. They just want an excuse to fill us full of the original computer generated spike proteins.

The FDA Authorised the Wrong Vaccine

30ug of the new monovalent Pfizer vaccine increased neutralising antibodies by 19.6x after 30 days
15ug + 15ug of the bivalent Pfizer vaccine increased neutralising antibodies by 9.1x after 30 days

So the monovalent vaccine, the fully updated vaccine, was 2.15x better (19.6/9.1) than the bivalent vaccine. It produced actually 115% more antibodies against Omicron than the bivalent vax, because it was fully updated rather than being partially updated. The only disadvantage to the monovalent vaccine is that it does not fill you up with computer generated Wuhan Hu1 spike proteins.

So which one did the FDA authorise?

The authorised the bivalent one. They did not authorise the monovalent one.

You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that the aim here is not to fix anybody's health. It is still to fill them up with computer generated spike proteins of the old vax.

What is going on here is that the old vaccine, being designed against Wuhan Hu1 (which was never isolated and was computer generated and I doubt was ever in circulation) has zero efficacy against Omicron. All it does is progressively damage your immune system. Whereas the new vaccine, being designed against Omicron, does have good initial efficacy against it as the figures above demonstrate. But all Covid variant spike proteins are antivaccines to the entire immune system and cause Vaccine Mediated AIDS progressively as more and more spike proteins infect your T cells. This is true both of the new and the old vaccines.


We have been sold an antivaccine for Omicron as a vaccine for Omicron and Pfizer's own figures now show it. The reason that the reduction in efficacy after 30 days is 11% higher with the 30ug + 30ug shot than it is with the 15ug + 15ug shot is that the larger the dose, the more spike proteins your body makes and the more damage they do to your immune system in 30 days. If you want to cause no damage to your immune system then do not take any spike proteins or spike protein producing vaccines into your body. 

Had Prince Philip not taken the vaccines then I suspect that he would not have died of 'old age' on 2021April9, 6 days after the scheduled date for his 2nd shot (1st shot was 2021January9). Had the Queen not taken them I suspect that she would not have been admitted to hospital (on 2021Cotober21) for the first time in 8 years one month after the calling date to her age group for the 1st booster shot (2021September14) - which she took and which would have done her absolutely no good at all. More importantly she would not have made the mistake of recommending AS A DUTY to her subjects, a man made bioweapon, now proven to destroy the immune system, to increase Covid infection hospitalisation and death, and now being the prime candidate for causing an unprecedented increase in excess mortality in her subjects who live in heavily vaccinated commonwealth countries. Her Royal Highness apparently also died of 'old age' according to the death certificate written by the doctor who administered the gene hacking vaccines to her. 

On that subject there is a great new study from Harvard, John's Hopkins, Oxford, Edinburgh, California and other Universities showing that for every 1 person whom the vaccines saved from hospitalisation (according to government figures), 18-98 people suffered serious life altering adverse reactions. It is an amazing world wherein such prestigious universities are 6 months behind writers for the Exposé.

There was a fascinating comment by a switched on woman in the Telegraph (more switched on even than the Queen). She asked: Is this whole Covid thing some kind of intelligence test? 

A brainwashing test from the globalist demons and a wisdom test from the nationalist God of freedom, who forced us into nations at Babel in order to prevent a global political monopoly such as the WEF, and global healthcare monopoly such as the BMGF would be my answer. Choose well Glasshopper!

Regulatory Fraud

Pfizer's results clearly show that the old vaccine does not work at all against Omicron. Why, therefore, has its authorisation not been withdrawn?

The new vaccine is authorised on the basis that it is a minor modification to the old vaccine which has already been authorised. All Pfizer had to do was demonstrate efficacy for the new product. but they failed to do that. They produced some anecdotal evidence which has never been published as a scientific paper. Furthermore their incomplete evidence only covered 30 days of results in circumstances where vaccine related side effects are known to occur for a period much longer than that. Furthermore their result invalidated the authorisation for the original vaccine which was never tested against Omicron. Well it now has been so tested, anecdotally. And it failed that test.

Regulators cannot have this both ways. Since they have accepted the anecdotal evidence that the new shots are efficacious against Omicron. They have no choice but also to accept that the same evidence shows that the old shots are anti efficacious against Omicron and therefore should be withdrawn immediately. They should be banned in fact and not just for under 50 year olds. Why is it that only Denmark that realises there is something rotten in these shots?. Once they are banned then the new shots would need full clinical trials published in scientific journals, not corporate press releases, to qualify for an authorisation.

The FDA and the MHRA have authorised an updated vaccine with no clinical evidence of safety or efficacy on the back of an authorisation for the original vaccine which has now been shown by Pfizer itself, to have no efficacy against Omicron and which the Oxford, Harvard, John's Hopkin's, Edinburgh and other universities scientific study shows gives 18-98 life altering side effects for every 1 person it keeps out of hospital.

These regulators control our entire healthcare systems. They are corrupt. Our health services are finished until they are closed down.

A Government Scientist is an Oxymoron

Every reader of the Expose knows that politicians lie. Every scientist ought to know that science is the selfless discovery, postulation, pursuit and demonstration of scientific truth and furthermore is the absolute refutation of scientific falsehood.

So I ask the reader. If your salary as a scientist is paid by a liar, will you do what the liar pays you to do or will you remain a true scientist? The answer has already been provided by the chief mathematical modeller of SAGE, a Professor Graham Medley. He famously said to Fraser Nelson of the Spectator...

This produced my favourite quote from Fraser: Government stats departments indulge not in evidence based policy making but in policy based evidence making.

So just as the Main stream media founded 'fact checkers' to add credibility to their miserable lies
So the politicians make committees of large numbers of eminent scientists to add credibility to their miserable lies.

And the scientists such as Professor Graham Medley freely admit that they are following the politics, not the science. 

So let me state this clearly. No scientist on a government payroll, is speaking as a scientist anymore. They have all become just another brand of politician. They are just more credible liars than the politicians are themselves.  
And the fact checkers are just more credible liars than the main stream journalists and more particularly main stream news editors are themselves. It is all the same con trick. If you do not believe my lie, then get someone with more credibility than I, to lie as well. Or better still get a whole committee of eminent people, get hundreds of them, to repeat the lie. Of course there are exceptions. But these are drowned out or indeed written out of the minutes according to Rishi Sunak. 

What we need to see is some of these government scientists recovering their scientific integrity by becoming whistleblowers. I ask every one of them on SAGE, the JCVI etc etc. Do you really think that your status and your financial and political advancement is more important than the health and the lives of the people who take your corrupted advice? If so then I am afraid you do not understand Newton's 3rd law. 

Every person who dies of a vaccine related condition who relied upon advice that you signed off on, even if you voted against it but did not resign or whistleblow, has human blood just like you have. And what makes you think their blood will not be asked back from you? Do you think Newton's 3rd law only applies to inanimate bodies? Do you? Whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap says the architect of the laws which Newton discovered and which you may disregard but from which you cannot escape.