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The 4 MAGA Martyrs of Jan6: The Day Democracy Died in America

In Honour of Ashli Babbit, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips and Roseanne Boyland, The 4 MAGA Martyrs of January 6

There have been no presidential elections this century or last century in which the vote count was deliberately STOPPED for hours by election officials in any one state on election night.
There may also have been no presidential elections this century or last century in which sufficient votes had not been counted on election night for an initial winner to be declared on election night. Fact fudging sites such as Snopes have scoured old newspapers looking for examples of states where vote counting was not finished on election night in an attempt to normalise the mechanisms of vote counting fraud. But that does not mean that a winner had not been declared in that state on election night. However no state had deliberately stopped counting votes in a presidential election for hours until 2020. This should be confirmable by TV election night footage certainly from 1948 onwards.

I mean let us be frank here rather than naive. If you permit votes to arrive and be counted after the polls have closed on election night then you enable vote fraudsters to calculate how many votes are needed for their favoured candidate and 'produce' those votes to order. But such calculation and production takes time. So you have to stop the vote counting or slow it down in order to pull off that fraud. 

There have been 4 presidential elections in the last 222 years which did not produce a winner on election night. These were 1800, 1824, 1876 and 2000

In 1876, the election between Rutherford B Hayes and Samuel Tilden was contested because several states refused to certify their election results. But the results came in on election night.

The only presidential election in this century or the last in which the result was not finally declared on election night was the 2000 race between Bush and Gore with the manufactured problem of hanging chads. Gore was declared the winner on election night. But his victory depended upon his carrying Florida which he initially won by a few hundred votes at the first count. But Jeb Bush (the brother of Bush43) was the governor of Florida and a load of recounts and politics ensued. Once Bush was ahead by a few votes he tried to stop the recounts but his motion was denied by the Florida Supreme Court. Finally 5 weeks after election night the United States Supreme Court stopped the recounts:- 

7-2 on the ground that the recount violated the equal protection clause in the constitution.

5-4 on the ground that no constitutional recount could occur before the electoral college were scheduled to cast theirs.

The US supreme Court essentially prevented electoral votes being recounted properly and accurately, by accepting purpose built legal arguments. They handed the election to Bush who was said to have won by 537 votes out of 6 million. 

A post election analysis showed that Gore won Florida by tens of thousands of votes.

So the chances of an election night vote count being stopped deliberately for hours on election night in a US presidential election in any state are 0 in 25 elections in any of the 50 states. Considering all elections from 1900 to 2016. That is 1250 vote counts in 50 states over 116 years. Every single one of them was free of multi hour vote count pauses directed by election officials and very few if any of them did not finish the vote counting to a point where a winner could be declared on election night.

So it is conservative to say that the chances of a state suspending a vote count for hours on election night in a presidential election watched by millions of people live on TV (so from 1948 onwards) are 1 in 19 televised Presidential elections from 1948 to 2020 in 50 states are 1 in 950. Likewise it is conservaitve to say they are 1 in 1,000.

Here is what happened on election night in 2020.

1. There are generally accepted to be 14 swing states or battleground states in the US election

Arizona: 11 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 10 of the last 11 elections.
Colorado: 9 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 7 of the last 11 elections.
Florida: 29 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 7 of the last 11 elections.
Georgia: 16 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 8 of the last 11 elections.
Iowa: 6x electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in 6 of the last 11 elections.
Michigan: 16 electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in 6 of the last 11 elections. 
Minnesota: 10 electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in each of the last 11 elections (borderline swing state).
Nevada: 6 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 6 of the last 11 elections.
New Hampshire: 4 electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in 6 of the last 11 elections.
North Carolina: 15 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 9 of the last 10 elections.
Ohio: 18 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 6 of the last 11 elections.
Pennsylvania: 20 electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in 7 of the last 11 elections. 
Virginia: 13 electoral votes. The state voted for the Republican presidential nominee in 8 of the last 11 elections.
Wisconsin: 10 electoral votes. The state voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in 8 of the last 11 elections.

2. 6 swing states stopped counting and failed to declare a result on the 2020 election night. These were MI WI NV GA PA NC.
3. Trump was ahead in all 6 swing states when they stopped counting.
4. Biden won 5 of those states after they restarted and then finished counting.

What is the probability of that series of events occurring randomly (i.e. democratically) on the 2020 election night without some kind of overall coordination (i.e. electoral fraud)?

There were been 19 televised Presidential Elections from 1948 to 2016. In every single one of these the winner was announced on election night. As far as my research has taken me I can find no state which failed to finish its first count on election night in any of those 19 elections. Florida had a disputed recount in 2000, but they finished their first count on election night. But let us be really conservative and say that there have been 9 instances of states stopping counting votes for several hours on election night in the latest 19 Presidential elections. I suspect the true figure is 0 or 1 or 2. But let's take it as 9. That makes a failure to reach a total on election night in any state due to stopping counting votes on election night into a 9 in 900 or 1 in 100 event. So then the chances are as follows...

1: 1/100 x 1/100 x1/100 x1/100 x1/100 x 1/100 for the 6 swing states suspending vote counting for hours on election night and then not declaring a result
2: 14/50 x13/49 x 12/48 x/11/47 x 10/46 x 9/45 for all 6 suspending and non declaring states to be one of the 14 swing states in the 50 state union
3: 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 for Trump to be ahead when the vote counting stopped in all 6 evenly balanced - 'swing' states
4: 6/64 for Biden to win 5 of of 6 of the swing states. There are 6 possible ways for Biden to lose 1 swing state out of 6. There are 64 possible outcomes.

This multiplies out to:

1 in a million million
1 in 5291.6084
1 in 64
1 in 10.6667

So the chances of all those events occurring randomly without coordination are the product of the above which is 1 in 3.612 x 1018 or 3,612,000,000,000,000,000.

That is 1 in 3.6 billion billion or 1 in 3.6 million million million.

Americans are very good at statistics. But they have Biden as a fake president, because the science of statistics has been banned from presidential election application since 2020. The FBI, we now know, infiltrated, enabled and choreographed the vote fraud sit in protest, in order to be able falsely to paint it as an insurrection. An unarmed American insurrection in which no gun was fired by any vote fraud protestor. An insurrection in which nothing in the capitol building was set on fire. 

This iconic image of Richard Barnett with his feet upon Nancy's Pelosi's desk sums up the nature and mission of the protest perfectly:

It was a vote fraud sit in protest. This guy is not insurrecting. His weapon is a mobile phone, not a flame thrower and not a firearm.

When the British mounted an insurrection on the White House in 1814, they torched the place. That was an insurrection. They did not carry out a sit in protest. The politicians needed to turn that vote fraud protest into a riot, at the least, in order to cover up the fraud which the voters were protesting. Since then, they have made it clear that they will destroy the academic careers of anyone who tries to use the subject of statistics to prove election fraud as I have above. Hence this article. Steven Sund, the head of Capitol Police, who 'resigned' on Jan7, made 1 request for national guard assistance before Jan6 and made a further 5 more requests during the protest itself. All 6 of his requests were denied. Not only that but Trump himself requested that the National guard be invited before the protest. All these requests were denied by Pelosi, the head of security for the house and McConnell, the head of security for the senate and by Muriel Browser the mayor of DC and by the Pentagon, the head of security for the nation. These are the people who should be being investigated for the security breach and Steven Sund is the expert witness who should be giving the evidence.

I sent an earlier version of the above to every Mathematician in Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the Cambridge University Statistics Laboratory. on 2021February11. Being academics, their email addresses are online for research questions at the links provided.. I asked them all the question: Is there anything wrong with (an earlier version) of the above analysis? One academic from Princeton responded with an argument which helped me to improve the analysis. Another Princeton academic said that he was a theoretical physicist not a political statistician. That was the sum total of their responses. I assume they all still have their academic careers. The writer was a maths scholar at Cambridge University in the 70s. 

One can argue that the 2020 election was different due to Covid19, which caused many more votes than normal to be postal votes and that is why there were delays. However postal votes should arrive on or before election day votes, in a non fraudulent election. So they should speed up the count, not delay it. And these delays only occurred in swing states. They did not occur in the 36 non swing states which had the same increase in postal voting. Not even in one of them did they occur.

Of course, that is not the only fraud the President Biden represents. The true president, his boss, did not receive one vote. He is the one that needs impeaching for total election fraud and for a breach of the 22nd amendment - see the Expose article on Obama46 - 

Incidentally of the 5 people who were killed supposedly due the non insurrection, Ashli Babbit (35) was shot by a Capitol police officer Michael Leroy Byrd (who did apparently give a verbal warning through a closed door but ended up shooting to death an unarmed woman and then of course being fully exonerated). 2 of the vote fraud protestors, Kevin Greeson (55) and  Benjamin Phillips (50) were said to have died from heart attacks, which may well have been caused by police stun grenades. One named Roseanne Boyland (34) was crushed underneath a crowd who had chemical sprays fired upon them by the police, who pushed them back through a tunnel and down the stairs leading to it. One police officer, Brian Sicknick (42), died the next day from a pre-existing condition (which resulted in a stroke), which the press falsely claimed resulted from his being assaulted with a fire extinguisher. There was no such assault. In the final analysis, no deaths were caused by any of the vote fraud protestors. All deaths that day were caused by panicked policing resulting from not having enough troopers to deal with the huge crowd. That insufficiency in policing is entirely the fault of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and Muriel Browser who denied the extra police that Steven Sund, the head of the capitol police, requested 6x and that President Trump requested once 2 days before the event. For more non mainstream news details of the events on January6 please see

Former Pentagon chief of staff Kash Patel confirmed that Trump authorised 10,000-20,000 National guard troops to protect the Capitol on January4. He cannot as president order them to protect it. All he can do is request that state authorities call them up. 

As Patel explains in the new EpochTV documentary, “The Real Story of Jan. 6,” Trump authorized as many as 20,000 Guard troops for use on Jan. 6 during a meeting several days earlier. The offer of troops was rejected by Bowser and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), he said. 

Of course politifact rates that claim as false.

Here are the videos showing politifact to be politifiction - 

There is really only one question that needs to be asked by an investigation into the deaths caused that day: Why were the national guard troops requested by the head of the Capitol Police and by President Trump, 7x in total, denied by Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and Muriel Browser and the Pentagon? 

The answer I would suggest, was to enable sufficient deaths and capitol breaches to paint the narrative that they have now painted. One of the signature plays of corrupted politicians is to investigate their enemies for crimes which they themselves have committed. That is how they prevent a real investigation into the true perpetrators (themselves). That is what the Jan6 committee hearings were all about. They are a text book exercise in counter investigation.

Another classic example is the false accusation that Trump supporters are a threat to 'our democracy'. US democracy has already been hijacked by vote fraud organisation Biden. The present democratic administration is not merely a threat to US democracy. It has 100% ended it. As this article is being written, the actual president of the United States got absolutely no votes at all in 2020.

The January 6 committee is not investigating ANY of the deaths of the 4 Trump supporters that were killed on January 6. It is investigating Trump. That may be why Mar a Lago was raided by the FBI.. 

So the sacrifices of Ashli Babbitt, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips and Roseanne Boyland are all the proof we need, to know that the US Congress cares nothing about vote fraud or about the deaths of American citizens. They care only about political power. From which it follows that the vaccines are about power politics and not about your health. When you follow politically motivated medical advice your life is as safe as the lives of Ashli Babbit and Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips and  Roseanne Boyland were at the capitol vote fraud protest, the democracy loving Martyrs of January6. They gave their lives fighting for fraud free elections. Those who perpetrated the 2020 vote fraud hope that these 4 Great Americans died for nothing. The writer of this article knows they did not. 

From 4 Founding Fathers to 4 MAGA Martyrs

To Speaker McCarthy: Build a Statue to the 4 of them and Place it outside the Capitol Building

There should certainly be a statue to the 3 of them who did not enter into the capitol building, but died on the steps outside it. They committed no crime other than exercising their inalienable right to demand fraud free elections. When they died, American democracy died along with them. When the January 6 committee excluded them from its investigation, they showed their inhuman hearts to the entire world. They do not care or want to know how they died. They especially do not care or want to know why they died. But their sacrifice has laid naked the lie that politicians care about your health or indeed about anything at all other than power.

I personally would include Ashli Babbit too. Because the crime of trespass in order to protest the ratification of vote fraud in a presidential election is a justified trespass in my opinion. She was a 15 year air force veteran with high security clearance throughout her entire career. She therefore posed absolutely no risk or threat to any Senator or Congress Person. The only risk she posed was to the fraud that went down that day in the building in which she was protesting. 

They were not the 4 Founding Fathers. But they were the 4 MAGA Martyrs. They died fighting for the republic that the Founding Fathers created. Their crime was to share the same vision as their 4 Fathers.

They took no oath of office to uphold the constitution. But they shamed every Senator and every Congressman who had. They spoke not with their lips but with their blood.

For whilst the senators were ratifying the greatest electoral fraud in American history carried out by "the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics" and whilst they were trampling on their oaths of office and defiling American democracy. These 4 were the ones who proved to be true sons and daughters of the Founding Fathers, true oath keepers of the republic, giving their lives for the right to have their votes counted properly.

Yes. The politicians hiding in the basement of the Capitol building represent the 81 million votes fraudulently counted for Basement Biden. But the 4 MAGA Martyrs who died on its steps and at the door to democracy, represent the 85 million votes that should have been counted for Trump, but never were. How appropriate it is the that the Congressmen who certified the 2020 vote fraud of Basement Hiding Biden were themselves hiding in Basement of the Capitol on the day they became his accomplices. The one man hiding his dementia from the electorate, the other group hiding themselves from the electorate they were about to defraud.

The 4 MAGA Martyrs were not the 4 Founding Fathers of the US Constitution. But in their deaths, may they become the 4 Founding Parents of US Electoral Integrity.

The Jan6 Video Footage Release to Tucker Carlson

Tucker pointed out that there was no footage at all of Ashli Babbit's Murder. How can that be. She was shot because she was deemed to have been breaching security in a life threatening manner presumably. She was about to go through a key door into the Chamber of the House. So important was that door that her murderer Michael Leroy Byrd, felt it necessary to shoot her. But we are supposed to believe that the capitol police did not deem it necessary to mount a security camera covering such a life threatening door?

I would suggest that the DNC redacted the key tapes before they supplied them to the RNC. Tucker got next to nothing. Mind you he got enough to show the Capitol Police escorting the Shaman dressed false flag plant around the building and showing him into the chamber and getting a public thank you from the chap. So Tucker has proved it was an inside job. No question.